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The night was a blur, I don't remember anything all I know is that I'm safe at home scrolling through Instagram. Ping! Probably just the group chat texting I thought while I looked at the text.
Text convo
Max 🤧- hello

Harvey 🤪- Hi
Franks 💫- heyo 🤪

Max🤧- Harvey I'm
right next to you bud.

                                       Franks 💫- banterr

Harvey 🤪- firstly
U know I hate that
Word! And secondly
I don't care x

Max🤧- ooo banterr

Harvey 🤪- shut it or
I will punch u

                                           Franks 💫- 😂

I shut off my phone and put it to the side to charge and I forgot to mention. Me and Max have become really close and I actually don't mind him... Anyway I better make sure they are alright so I put on this :

 Anyway I better make sure they are alright so I put on this :

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Not my picture 1!1!1!!1
and ran out the door to their house. As soon as I got there I walked in as it is practically a second home to me and I also have a key. 'Hey losers I'm here!' I say walking to their room. 'What brings you here?' Harvey asks. I shrug and collapse on his bed. 'Can I borrow your phone Max?' I ask.  He nods and hands it to me but of course it has a passcode! I typed in 1234 and what a surprise it was right. Yup I just mentally face palmed, aM I cOoL yEt?  I just went on snapchat added me and looked through all of his dms because why not! Nothing good on it so I gave it back to him. 'Wanna play truth or dare?' Harvey randomly asks. Me and Max both nod, 'ok Frankie TRUTH OR DARE' Harvey asks shouting the last bit. 'Umm DARE' I reply. He thinks for a minute before saying 'I dare you to kiss Max' WHAT! No no no! 'Ugh fine' I shrug and walk over to peck him on the cheek. 'Ok max truth or dare' I asked. 'Hmm truth' he replied, what could I give him... ' Who do you have a crush on?'
Max's pov
I can't say her NO NO NO! 'Umm Cindy?' I say more of a question. Then I realised her and Harvey left the room after I said that. Shiz.
Harvey's pov
Max doesn't know this but cindy is my ex and she had abused Frankie for quite some time before she got put in isolation but our school is all about numbers so they kept her in, just kicked out of our class and she isn't even allowed to make eye contact with Frankie. 'I can't believe it!' Frankie cried into my shoulder. 'Shh calm down' I whispered while rubbing her back. Without surprise Max walked in and said sorry and that he didn't actually like her..he said ' Frankie I don't like cindy I was trying to cover up that I uh , I like umm.. Amelia?' She reshowed her face from being stuffed in my chest , smiled and hugged him. 'sorry'she whispered. ITS SO CUTE. and yes I did snap a photo and posted it everywhere but that is not the point. 'Hey you have a text' I smiled and she looked at it. 'AHHHH HARVEY KITT MILLS' she said while slapping me playfully 'yes' I laughed. 'She showed me and Max the picture I posted and we all fell to the floor laughing. It was perfect..

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