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Astrid and Caroline walk into Mystic High, everyone staring at the two blonde twins, Caroline in her preppy, normal outfit

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Astrid and Caroline walk into Mystic High, everyone staring at the two blonde twins, Caroline in her preppy, normal outfit. While Astrid was dressed in a white tank top with a leather jacket over it, her black jeans having several rips in them, her hair falling down to her mid back Caroline's arm linked in her little sister's as they walk up to the rest of their group.

Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennet.

"Elena. Oh, my god" Caroline exclaimed wrapping her arms around the brown haired girl, Bonnie made eye contact with Astrid but quickly looked away once the blonde stared at the tan skinned girl. Considering what happened between the two, Bonnie doesn't try to be friends with Astrid anymore.

" How are you? Oh, it's so good to see you. How is she? Is she good?" Caroline asked pulling away and looking at Bonnie then back at Elena, frowning.

"Care, she's right there calm down." Astrid exclaimed as she rolled her eyes, squeezing her sister's arm and walking off to her locker, opening it and grabbing her science textbook.

She turned around and bumped into someone, causing her textbook to go flying.

"Shit watch were you're going." she groaned out, going down to her ground and picking up her book, she lifts her head to be met with these bright green eyes.
Stefan Salvatore, he stares at the blue eyed girl with curiosity running through his mind. She looked just like the Forbes' he knew in 1864.

"Hello?" she said, snapping him out of his thoughts, he shook his head and found himself still holding her textbook.

Astrid scoffed and ripped the book from the boys hands. Him must not knowing who she is because no one talks to her. They're all afraid of her.

"I'm sorry, you just look like someone I used to know." he said still in shock, not knowing if it could actually be Serena.

"Well I'm not her." she said violently shutting her locker and walking off to her first period of the day.

After school Astrid decides to drive herself home, not really being in the mood to hang out with her sister and their best friends. She stopped on a certain bridge and put her car into park, rolling the down window and going into her glove compartment.

She grabbed the pack of cigarettes and her lighter, grabbing one of the sticks and bringing it to her mouth, and lighting it.

She threw the lighter back down on her passenger seat and pulled the stick of cancer out of her mouth and exhaled the smoke, watching it go out the window. She stared closer at thee water, the music playing softly from her radio filling her ears.

Astrid started smoking when she was twelve, it was right after she developed feelings for Matt Donovan, but she quickly realized he had feelings for the infamous Elena Gilbert, causing her to immediately push those feelings aside.

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