Zayn Malik imagines

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You were in the kitchen getting zayn your boyfriend something to eat while he was doing homework

"babe can you help me" he said " sure" you went up to him and sat down next to him. " okay so wh-" I said but zayn cut me off by kissing my neck " babe I didnt need help I just need those lips" he said while licking his lips looking at mine. He lent in and before he kissed you, both of your guys eyes were closed and he said " I love you (y/n)" and kissed you. When you pulled away both of your noses where touching and he bit his lip an you said " I love you too babe" and kissed Again. The rest of the day you and zayn didn't do much homework.


You And zayn got into a fight and you left to go to work. When you were closing up someone comes in an you say" sorry we're closed" with out looking at the person. You thought the person had left so you go back and take off your uniform. Then you fell big strong warm and wrap around your waist and kiss your neck and you knew it was zayn. " I'm so sorry (y/n)" he said still kissing your neck " it's fine zayn" you say

" no it's not (y/n) I love you and I should have said the things I said... I love you too much to loose you babe" you smiled and turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his lips. You ended up makin out. When you pulled out you relised that you were in nothing but your bra and underwear. You look up to see zayn eyeing your body while biting his lips. You guys went back to kissing and went home and had lots of fun ;)


2 months ago zayn cheated on you by kissing some slut, you broke up with him and havent seen him since. You were working at a clothes store and some blond girl comes in and ask for the fitting room. you walk her to it and go back to folding clothes. " umm exuse me do you have this in a bigger size" someone says and you turn around to see zayn "(Y

) " he says " yeah" " oh do you have this in a bigger size?' you look at him confused and he says " its for my girlfriend" you thought you heart just broke. Then the blond girl comes and says " zayn" and kissing him in front of you. Zayn was facing you and kept staring at you the whole time even through the kiss. You walked away into the back of the store and kept thinking about zayn. Then someone comes behind you and wraps there arms around you and says " you look beautiful"  and kisses your neck. You turn around and see zayn " zayn what are you doing you have a girlfriend" " i dont care about her... i only care about you love.. i love you and never stooped" he said and you tried not to smile but it came out. " (y/n) im sorry i cheated but i never loved anyone else but you..... and i want you back" you stayed silent for a while then zayn wraps his arms around your sides and brings you closer your noses touching. You wrap your arms aroung his neck and he says " i love you (y/n)" " i love you too" you say and he smiled while kissing you passionaly. When you pull away you see his girlfriend coming so try to pull away but zayn just keeps holding " zayn your girlfriend is coming" you whisperes but he doesnt say anything he just grabes your face and smash his lips into yours. When you pull away your noses are still touching and his girlfriend is just stading there looking at you guys and says " zayn..." he just kisses you again and it turns into a make out session. he phone rings again and he gets a text from his girlfriend saying that there over and he just looks at you and you smile and countine kissing.

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