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Judith stared quietly out of her bedroom window. The setting sun truly was a gorgeous thing to behold. Sighing, she hopped on one foot to another as she hated to stand for so long. She padded across her hardwood floor over to a rolling chair she had in the corner of her small room. The fading light sparkled over the waters of the ocean, seeming to glitter and laugh at the lonely girl in the small beach house.

Pushing it quickly across the floor, she set it by the window and sat down relieved. Her sapphire eyes beamed with melancholy happiness as she watched the sky fade slowly from a vivid pink and orange to a soft bruise purple. The light left the earth as Judith followed it as best as she could.

Focusing and feeling a small spark in her core, she let a small yet bright flame flicker between her fingers. It was very beautiful, it's orange and yellow hues danced around her  fingers. A smile grew across her face as she tried to mimic the setting sun. Turning the flames into different colors.

She knew it was dangerous, but practicing it little by little, it made her feel more understanding of it. She had no idea where she inherited her gifts. She had heard stories of element based magic, but she never thought she could ever bear any.

So far, she only had the ability to manipulate fire. Fire had strangely being her strong point. Perhaps it had something to do with her hidden feisty personality, buried deeply beneath her shy exterior. Her mother knew of her flame based ability and made sure to shield her from the world.

Judith only ever went to school for three months back in the fifth grade. She lost control and burned a young boy who ripped and ridiculed her rather crude drawings. Back then she was quite proud of them. The staff and students began to fear her, not truly knowing what happened. They just assumed she brought matches to school and burnt his hand.

That was a weak excuse in the first place. How could matches burn an entire hand? But, it was the possibility that made the most sense. Nobody wanted to believe that some body could even have supernatural control over an element. It simply went over their heads.

Little Judith was home schooled by her frazzled mother, Mary Blanchard. Mary was always nervous and anxious around her daughter. She taught her that her power was dangerous and could be used for only evil. Judith just nodded her head and agreed, but secretly, she loved how she could do something nobody else could. Something that separated her from the mouth breathers in her school.

She was now 17 years old and living alone. Mary had passed a week ago, leaving her poor fire bug alone with a slightly chaotic power. Secretly, Judith was relieved, finally able to be herself without having to worry about her mother making her feel like a monster.

She was forced to wear flame retardant gloves by her paranoid mom. Never allowed to take them off or to venture outside of their small home. Judith still couldn't go outside. She had the power to, but not the will. It was the only real rule she still followed. She had shed the gloves a long time ago.

Taking off her bra and pulling her shorts down, she crawled into bed. Thinking of how her life was going to go. Her main concern was her job. She had taken a leave of absence to cope with her mother's death. Leaving her responsibilities as a waitress at a dingy little restaurant called "Seafood Shack." Quite an uninspired name to be honest.

Letting herself go into a dreamless sleep, she tossed and turned all night. Preparing for tomorrow's trials and tribulations.

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