Chapter 23

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"Zack!!" I heard a familiar voice when I was sitting in my room reading a novel.
I kept the novel down and came out of the room. I went downstairs and saw Jayden and Sally talking.
"So, he is sleeping right now. I guess I will..." He was saying when he saw me walking downstairs.
"Julia!" He said surprised.
"I have work to do so..." Sally said and turned on her heels.
"Sally, are you going to make snacks for Zack?" I asked her.
"Yes." She replied.
"I will help you then." I said.
I don't want to stay near Jayden. I am not ready to listen to whatever he has to say.
"Julia, I have something to talk to you." Jayden said nervously.
"I am fine by myself. I think you should listen to Jayden." Sally said and left the room.
"I..." Jayden was about to say when I interrupted, "I am so sleepy!" I faked a yawn and hurried upstairs to my room.
I sat on my bed and sighed.
I don't know what he has to say but I don't want to talk to him.
I opened my novel but soon closed it and lied in bed, closing my eyes. Soon I fell asleep.

Jayden played with Zack until dinner after Zack woke up and then played with him again until he fell asleep. I just sat there watching them from afar. Will Zack still smile if I were to leave him? When they smile and laugh together, they seem so far away. I feel like I can never enter their world and they can't see me anymore. I feel so insecure.
Julia!! Stop getting attached!! You are just a nanny!!! Just a nanny!!!
After my talk with Sally yesterday, I was thinking about what she said and trying to figure out why she said that but all I could think of was that Jayden hates me. She must have misunderstood or maybe I misunderstood what she meant. Maybe she meant that he needs me right now because Zack needs me but he wants to keep a distance between us and I should stay under that limit.

Jayden placed Zack in his crib and left the room.
I placed a kiss on Zack's forehead and left the room closing the door behind me.
Jayden was standing there waiting for me.
I didn't look at him and hurried to my room.
I was about to enter my room when I heard him call my name.
"Julia!!" He said from behind.
"Good night, Jayden." I said entering inside but he grabbed my wrist.
"Ouch!" I cried in pain.
"Sorry!!!" He said surprised, leaving my hand.
"Yeah, now you are." I said and turned to look at him holding my wrist with my other hand.
He was looking down... feeling guilty?
"Good night." I said and stepped into my room.
"I take back everything." He said.
I turned to look at him shocked. He is taking back his sorry! What kind of guy is he?! He is really impossible! What a...
"I take back whatever I said yesterday about you and your parents. I take all of it back." He said and looked up at me.
I stood there speechless. So, this is what he wanted to say to me since morning? And here I kept avoiding him. I should have listened to him and not acted stubborn. Now, I am feeling guilty!!
"Can we talk?" He asked me.
"Come in." I said stepping aside to let him come inside. This is the first time he is coming into my room.
"Sit wherever you want." I said to him.
He sat on the couch and I sat on the bed facing him.
He was looking around the room.
"So, what do you want to talk about?" I asked him.
"I wanted to apologize for my behavior and words. It was really rude of me yesterday. I am sorry about that." He said and looked down guilty.
"It's ok." I said.
Maybe I am giving in so easily but I never expected him to apologize to me. I thought he would say that I am at fault here and blame it on me like he always does but seeing him apologize to me is really strange and that too when I kept being stubborn and avoided him not to forget I too said some cruel words to him yesterday.
"I have always been... not that good when it comes to dealing with people... especially girls. Everyone being nice to me just because I have money and they can benefit from me have... made me really cautious and I have always avoided talking or interacting with people except for business matters." He said and looked at me.
"I met my wife for one such business deal. I think if it wasn't for that deal, I would never have talked to her. But, I fought a lot because of my habit of not trusting people. I think, if I was even a little bit like Jonathan then it would have been a good thing." He said and chuckled nervously.
"That birthday boy? The one who linked his arms with you at the party?" I asked him. Only that guy appeared to be close to Jayden.
"Yes. He is really good with people, even me. People just flock around him and start to love him as soon as they meet him. He and my wife clicked instantly and became friends the moment they met. You know, I had so many doubts when I was proposing her. I was worried even when she was about to say 'I do' at the altar, I felt like I don't deserve her. I get so embarrassed while saying the sweet things that girls like to hear... I end up totally avoiding them. It was a lot of work to start saying those words like 'you look beautiful', 'I keep falling for you every time I see you', things like these to my wife. When I said something like this to her the first time, she thought that I have a fever and starting calling doctors. She was the only person who understood my silence and me. She was really different from any girl I ever met. A kind of person who would not step down if she is right no matter who the other person is or what the situation is. But, she was surprisingly kind to everyone even to me. She never said anything to me that would hurt me. It was always me who was the stubborn one but she was always patient with me." He said and a little smile appeared on his lips.
"I am...I am not telling you this with any weird meaning. I just...I just want you to understand me a little. Just don't leave Zack because of my foolishness. He really needs you. I don't want him to suffer because his dad is clumsy." He said and sighed.
"He really loves you a lot and he considers you his mom. When he lost his mom but never showed his sadness or pain and acted like a good boy but I know how much he was suffering. He is the kind of kid who wouldn't say anything even if he is suffering and that's what the problem is. His mom was good at reading his silence but I am even more a mess than he is. I can't even tell when he is sad or when he wants something but I know that he needs you and if you leave him...I don't know...I don't know how he will handle that. So, please...stay with him until he needs you." He said looking down.
"I promise." I said and his head snapped to look at me.
"I promise that I will stay with Zack as long as he needs me. No matter how long it is." I said and smiled.
He took a sigh of relief.
"I was thinking of something." I said and he looked at me, giving me his full attention.
"I am a fake mom to Zack so that means I am your wife in his eyes, a fake wife to be precise. So, let's act like a fake couple in front of Zack." I said.
His eyes became wide and he was about to say something when I said, "Because he gets worried when we act like strangers. He has seen his parents acting like a happy couple until now so he gets worried when we act differently. I know that I am not your wife or his mom and I promise you that I will never even think of taking her place. I am just asking you to treat me like a fake wife in front of Zack, that's it. He should have a normal family and even though I am not included in his family, he still thinks of me as his mom so..."
"Ok." He said nodding his head.
I looked at him surprised. I thought he won't agree so easily.
"Let's do that for Zack. When I couldn't even tell when he was worried then I have no right to say no. He needs a normal family and you are a part of his family even if we deny it. So, let's do this." He said and put his hand out.
"Let's do this." I said and took and shook his hand smiling.
I feel so relieved now that we have talked and are on the same page. Maybe my life will become a lot simpler now or will it have the opposite effect?...

So, this is the chapter!! I know it might look small but it is an important chapter because this marks the beginning of a new life for Julia and Jayden. Acting like a couple when you are not is not easy and that too when the judge is Zack who is too observant. 😂 let's see how things take a turn from here and if Jayden can actually stick to his deal and act as a good fake husband to Julia.😉 it will be worth to forward to😉😉

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