Before You Read

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Welcome everyone to the new and improved Alpha's Baby Girl, written by yours truly, Barbiedriver. This has been so long in the making (of my head lol) and I am genuinely proud with how it has turned out so far compared to the previous version.

Alright, so moving on to what you guys need to know about how this story is different.

1: It is essentially the same story as before. I'm not going to do into detail now just because some people here may not have read the previous version. And if you have, please do not spoil for others!

1a: I have done my absolute best to fix grammar mistakes and as many plot holes as possible. But come on now i'm not a miracle worker, and let's face it, that first copy was rough.

2: This is still an agegap story. That has not changed. Kaden meets Allie his mate when she is a baby. And once again, the title is not DDLG, it is literal. But if you were expecting DDLG I have some great ones that I've found over my time on wattpad and if you are interested I'd be more than happy to share them.

2a: If you do not want to read a huge gap (eighteen years, by the way) then don't. I'm not forcing you, and neither is anyone else.

2b: That said, if you do choose to read it and it bothers you, don't comment that. I love reading opinions and such, but not when they're full out hate. Examples of this would be: "Ewww" , "I'm literally gagging right now" , "This is sick" or "Who reads this s***?" And yes, actual comments I have received countless times. It's highly annoying when half of my notifications are comments like this, and it makes it harder for me to read the nice ones. So for everyone's sake, please just don't.

3: Please do not copy, or reuse, anything from my personal work. This includes but is not limited to, plot, characters, fan fiction and translations. Please consult me before using anything of mine.

4: Please vote/comment and leave me your opinions! I love hearing from you guys!

Now that that is all over and done with. . .

Thank you once again for giving this new and improved story a chance. I hope you won't be disappointed.

Cover made by me, but credit to whoever took the photo:)

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