Chapter-1 (e)

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Chapter-1: Deal And Planning

"Uncle I know you people don't want me in your house. So let's make a Deal." I said.

"And what is the deal girl?" He shouted.

"Well, you see uncle someone forced me on you. You hate me and as well as I hate you. So if you people take me to the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning and will pick me up after 6:00 in the evening then I can tell you rest of the plan. I will be out of your lives by the weekend. What do you say?" I asked them.

For a few minutes, he was silent, contemplating whether I'm telling the truth or not and then nodded his head in consent. Though I didn't show it, I was relieved.

"One more thing, Can you take me to the shopping mall? I need to buy a Hood to hide my identity. Also, I can't do any chores for today. As tomorrow I need to be a witch and if someone finds me exhausted then..." I said and immediately he shoved me into the car and took me to the mall.

40 mins later, I emerged from the mall with a hood of Slytherin green colour with a silver lining.

Next Morning:

I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and completed all my ablutions. By the time Vernon came down, I was ready and waiting for him by the door and within 30 mins we were in front of the Leaky Cauldron.

"Thanks, Uncle Vernon and you can pick me up at sharp 6:00 clock in the evening at same place here," I said and pulled the hood up on my head. I entered through the motel where there were no customers yet.

I entered Diagon Alley and there were no people yet so I quickened my pace and entered Gringotts.

"Good Morning, Mr Griphook, Sir." I greeted him and he was surprised but quickly placed his mask back.

"What I can I do for you and who are you, Miss?" He asked.

"My name is Selene Potter, sir. I'm here on some business. I want to complete it in Private Mr Griphook, sir." I said.

"Very well Miss Potter, follow me." He said and I followed him into the private chambers.

"Now what is this business Ms.Potter?" he asked.

"Master Griphook I would like to have a blood test and an inheritance test. Is there any way to know whether I have blocks and potions or spells on me? And I would like to know, are there any wills regarding me from my parents? I would also like to have monthly statements." I said in one breath and he was shocked for a few minutes before recovering.

"Very well, Miss Potter you can have a blood test and inheritance test and if there are any blocks or spells present on you they will appear on a blood test. Regarding your parent's wills,' it was blocked by Albus Dumbledore forcefully stating he is your Magical guardian but we Goblins work differently from you wizards and witches so it can be done and lastly about your monthly statements and your vaults. I will get them here while you take these tests." He said.

"Thank you Master Griphook and please call me Selene," I said.

"Well, Selene put 3 drops of blood on this parchment." He said placing magical dagger near me and I sliced my palm and put three drops of blood on it and observed it. A few seconds later words started appearing on it and my blood started boiling.

Blood Test

Name : Selene Rosalie Potter-Black-Evans

Father: James Charles Potter (carrier) (Unknown)

Father: Sirius Orion Black (In Azkaban)

Mother: Lillian Marie Riddle nee Evans (by blood adoption) (deceased)

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