Chapter 7: Someone From The Past

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This chapter is all over the place but I had sooo much fun writing it!

Clary pov

The dinner last night was definitely... interesting. Alec probably thinks I'm some crazy person from the way I acted with Simon.

  Anyways, this morning I had a lecture and then a class back to back at 10 in the morning so I decided to wake up early so I could go for a quick jog and shower.

  After my jog I hopped into the shower and went off to my lecture. During my class, I got a text from Izzy.

Hey Clary! I was looking through your wardrobe (hope you don't mind) and I couldn't find anything you could wear to the ball tonight and that is absolutely unexceptable. I'm taking you shopping! Is 2 good for you? My last lecture ends at 1:30 today. ~ Izzy

Yeah 2 is good. I'll meet you up at the dorm. See ya then! ~ clary

  Great. Now I have to go shopping with Isabelle. She gorgeous and has astonishing taste but I have a feeling that this shopping trip was going to be... different.

  It's finally 2 and Izzy texts me to meet her at some boutique she likes and she sent me the address.

  I walk into the boutique and see Izzy standing there with 2 dresses in her hand. "Oh Clary! Thank god you're here! I found the perfect dresses for us!" She squealed.

  "That's great Iz!" I say looking at the dress she picked out for me. Mine was gold and sparkly and made my chest double the size and Izzy's was red with lace that showed off all of her curves.



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After we found jewelry and shoes and headed back to our place. Izzy insisted on doing my makeup and hair and I of course agreed because she's so talented in that department.

  She curls by hair and does a nude sparkly eye with a nude lip. And for herself, she did a fiery sparkly eye with a red lip.

  "Izzy! Clary! Come on! We have to leave in 10 minuets!" Alec said knocking though the door. "We're almost done!" Izzy screams back we both put on our heels and stand up ready to leave.

  She looks at me and smiles. "I've done well." She says putting a hand to her heart and I laughed.

  We walk out of our room and the boys looked at us wide eyed. "Y'all never seize to amaze me." Alec says to both of us smiling. Jace walks up to me with his mouth wide and says, "damn, Clare. You look hot." He says part jokingly. "You don't clean up so bad yourself." I say back.

  I grab their house warming present and say "well we should start going." And everyone nods as we start walking towards the limo.


  We get out of the car and step out in front of this beautiful mansion. I'm in shock. We start walking up the steps and walk into a beautiful modern looking house.

  There is a big round table where you set the gifts down so I walk over and set it there. As I turn around I seem to have lost the rest of them. Great.

  Whatever, I might as well make the most of it. There are servers walking around handing out champagne so I grab a glass as I walk through the entire house admiring all of its artwork. Some of the best artwork I've seen in a while.

  I walk into someone (for the third time in the past 2 weeks might I add) and I stumble but get caught by a handsome guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and really defined cheekbones. He was hot.

  "Looks like you've fallen for me." He says smiling and I laugh softly. "Looks like I have." I say getting back to my original balance. "I'm so sorry I'm such a klutz." I say looking down at my champagne and  tuck a piece of hair behind my ear.

  "It's quite alright, love." He says lifting my chin with two of his fingers. "I'm actually glad. Because if you didn't I might not have had the chance to lay my eyes on such a beauty." He says smiling softly.

  "Wow. You're a real charmer aren't you?" I said looking at him. "You have no idea." He said and I laugh as I click my nails against my glass.

  "Let me guess... you're some damsel in distress who lost her friends looking for someone like me." He said jokingly. "Damn you caught me." I said laughing.

  "Let me guess for you. And correct me if I'm wrong-" I say and he nods "you're the kind of guy who embezzled your employer, got arrested, and skipped town before they could throw your ass in jail." I said looking up at him.

  We was a pale as a ghost. "What?" He says playing dumb.

  "And the worst part of all of this is your wife. Your wife loves you so much the she bailed you out, and how do you repay that loyalty? You're at some stupid house warming party." I finish smiling at him and his eyes are wide looking at me.

  "Who- who are you?" He stutters still looking as pale as ever. "The chick who put up the rest of the bail money." I say and at that he bolts out of the house and throws a random person out of their car, about to steal it, but I hold a blade up to his throat before he could get in and escape.

  He throws his hands up. "You don't have to do this, okay?" He says shaking. "I've got money." He says begging me.

  "No you don't." I say laughing but it turns out sounding hollow. "And if you did you should give it to your wife and take care of your family." I say pressing the blade harder to his neck.

  "The hell you know about family, huh?" He says laughing while softly gasping for air as I slid his throat and blood flows down his most likely rented suit. "Nothing." I reply and drop the dagger.

  Behind me I see izzy, Alec, and Jace all staring at me with their mouths open. "What the hell was that about? And did you really have to do it at my parents party?" Alec says face palming his forehead.

  "That was a very unkind person from my past. Good thing they didn't recognize me. And yes, I did." I say picking up my dagger and sliding it back into a unrecognizable place in my dress as I walk off back into the house and grab another champagne.

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