Chapter 22

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For some reason, Zack was hugging me tightly too. Maybe because this was the first time I left him with Sally. He must be worried if I will come back or not just like his mom. That thought made my eyes fill with tears. How can such a sweet sensitive kid be that devil's son?!
Just then Jayden came running inside. I diverted my eyes away from him and wiped my eyes.
"Zack..." I said and Zack looked at me.
"You must be hungry, right? Let's go and have dinner." I said to him and he nodded his head smiling.
"Sally..." I said and she nodded her head and went inside.
I too started walking towards the dining room without even glancing at the devil.

I seated Zack in his chair and went to help Sally arrange the table.
Jayden followed us and sat in his chair.
I didn't change the sitting arrangement. Don't want to make Zack worry like before. His father maybe insensitive but he is sensitive, I will make sure that I don't trouble him with mine and Jayden's problems. Gotta be as normal as I can in front of him.
I sat down in my seat while Sally left.
"Zack, say aaa..." I said to Zack and he opened his mouth.
"Mommy, fingers." Zack said touching my wrist. I didn't notice but Jayden's fingers are now printed on my wrist.
"Ouch!" I cried in pain.
Zack's eyes became wide with shock. He looked worried.
"Mommy, pain?" He asked me.
"No, it's not paining." I lied and tried to smile.
"Pain pain go away..." He said blowing on the bruise.
I smiled my eyes filling with tears again.
"The pain is all gone. Thank you, Zack!" I said smiling and rubbed my eyes.
He smiled.
"Mommy, who?" He asked pointing at it.
What should I tell him? I can't tell him that his father did this, can I?
I glanced at Jayden who was looking down as if he is guilty. Guilty? Am I stupid or what? He can't be guilty! He is a devil!!
I looked back at Zack. He may be a devil, but he has an angel like son.
"In the party, a guy was making finger tattoos, and he made one on my wrist too. But don't worry, it will go away in a few days." I lied and smiled at him.
He looked relieved.
I looked at Jayden from the corner of my eyes, he was looking at me shocked.
"Let's finish this quickly!" I said.
"Yes!!!" He said making me laugh.
Why is he so cute?!!! I can't make myself to leave him if he is like this!!

"Zack, let's go and play before going to bed." I said to him.
"Ok!!" He said and looked at his daddy.
"Um...Zack, your daddy has some work so he won't be able to play with you today." I said to Zack.
A lie I made up. I don't want to be anywhere near this guy!
"Yes, Zack. I have some work so I am going into my study." Jayden said and left.
I looked at his back still shocked.
He agreed with me even when I just made that up!!! He is too calm compared to before.
"Let's go, Zack!" I said picking him up.
My wrist is still paining and it becomes unbearable when I pick up Zack but if I say anything then he will start worrying. He is still a kid but he is much more sensible than his dad. He is definitely like his mom.
I put Zack to his feet and he ran towards his toys.
I sat there looking at Zack who is playing happily.
"Julia?" Sally said entering inside.
"Sally, come and sit." I said to her.
"Tomorrow. I am going home now." She said and I nodded my head.
"This..." She said giving me an ointment.
"Apply this before going to bed." She said and left the room.
I looked at her back and then at the ointment.
She didn't even ask me what happened and how it happened. So, this is the kind of staff Jayden wants. I can never do that. If I were in Sally's place, I would have asked and not left until I got to know everything. Maybe that's why I don't get along with Jayden and he hates me for that reason.
"It seems Zack fell asleep." I heard a voice bringing me out of my thoughts.
I looked at the door and saw Jayden standing there.
I got up without saying anything and was about to lift Zack up when Jayden lift him in his arms.
"I will take him to his room." He said and started walking out of the room. I didn't say anything and followed him.
He put Zack in his crib and I just stared at Zack's sleeping face.
He stroked his head and then left the room. I looked at Zack before leaving the room and closed the door behind me.
Jayden was still standing there. Is he by any chance waiting for me? I don't care even if he is.
He cleared his throat.
I hurried to my room and closed the door before he could say anything.
I sighed and sat on my bed.
I don't want to stay near that devil but I can't leave Zack. What if I leave and Zack cries for me, that will surely make Jayden mad and what if he shouts at Zack in his anger. I don't want Zack to see what a devil his father is. He doesn't have a mother so his everything is his father now. I want him to have a good relationship with his dad and I know that no matter how stone hearted Jayden may be, he loves his son a lot.
I will have to stay here for Zack until he needs me even if Jayden tries to kick me out. This is all for Zack. It's not his fault to want the love of his parents and I will try to give him a perfectly happy family even though I am neither his mother nor a family but we have a connection and that's through the heart.
I looked at my wrist. The pain really seems less after Zack blew on it. I smiled. When I see him, I feel like a mom even when I am not. Only if he was my real son. I would have taken him with me leaving Jayden here. I am so cruel to even think of separating a son from his father. Jayden too has only Zack and if I took him away, won't he become lonely.
I don't know what to think anymore. I am angry at Jayden but I can't make myself to hate him. Forget about this. The more I think about him, the more confused I get.
I opened the cap of the ointment.
I will have to talk to Sally tomorrow. She didn't ask me anything but I should tell her about it. I don't want her to think anything that's not true.

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