Chapter One: Another One Bites the Dust, Part 2

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24:00 AM


Hello. I am Nimja, and this is the continuation of the story of how I became a Pokémon. As you will recall, when I last recorded this story I had been transformed into a Mew. Stranger yet, OGiNiM, my Dutch-loving superfan, had sent me an alarming chat message that took me straight to one of the biggest museums in Amsterdam.

The Rijksmuseum.

And that, for those who are listening, is where my story picks back up.

Upon arriving at the Rijksmuseum, I looked around for any sign of OGiNiM. He had said he would be there outside of the museum, but how was I to find him? Especially considering the fact that this was the first time he and I would ever be meeting in public. I had no idea what he looked like!

Worse yet, I couldn't ask people where he was. Not only did I not know his real name, but if anyone saw a glasses-wearing Mew in Amsterdam, they'd think it to be an illusion. Nobody would recognize me, even if I said "Hello, I am Nimja" and put them in a...

Well, on second thought, maybe they would.

Still, though, there had to be at least a few people who were looking at me strangely. I quickly hid behind the wall of the Rijksmuseum, took out my phone, and texted OGiNiM:

Where are you? I don't see you here...

I waited for a few seconds, praying that no one would notice me. Praying that OGiNiM would respond soon.


I practically jumped out of my own skin. It had come from my phone. I looked at the message that had come in. To my relief, OGiNiM had responded.

ReALlY, MiJnHeEr? YoU ShOuLd Be AbLe To NoTiCe Me.

I stopped reading his message and stared up in confusion. How could I be able to notice him when I had no idea what he looked like?

"Notice him...?" I muttered to myself. "How is that-"

And then I stopped.

I had seen something off in the distance.

Something familiar.

And it wasn't human.

Instead, it was an odd-frog like thing with a plant bulb on its back. And it was coming towards me. Panicked.

A Bulbasaur?!

What was a Bulbasaur doing in Amsterdam?

For a few moments, I was rightfully confused. I didn't think a random stranger would have been turned into a Pokémon on a whim, much less running towards me. It was almost as if they knew who I was...

And then it hit me.

"OGiNiM?!" I gasped.

The Bulbasaur's face brightened, and it jumped up, practically tackling me to the ground.


I was brought down immediately, while OGiNiM- it had to be him- started jumping up and down, ecstatically. All I could do was stare at OGiNiM in shock.

"OGiNiM..." I muttered. "You..."

"I'm so happy to see you, Mijnheer~!" OGiNiM cried. "I saw the entire thing! Are you alright?"

I smiled. OGiNiM was just as enthusiastic in real life as he was in the livestream chats.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said. "Of course, I'm still getting used to my new body. It's intriguing." I waved my new tail experimentally. "But that's not really the point. How in the world did you become a Pokémon?"

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