Chapter Four (The Jackal )

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The beginning wasn't a flash of light, no explosion. That's not how it started.

"Out of context the beginning isn't the beginning of life, or time, or this endless feud. To act all dramatic about it as if you were actually there, which you weren't, is ridiculous. So get over the grand proclamations and stuff it! You're never there when you're truly needed! "

Dragon and Jackal looked on with twin furrowed brows. Though one stormy, one bemused. One dark with blue eye's and one light with green eyes. Both infuriating.

"Now put me down! " I could feel another wave of nausea and there's nothing like nausea to make me short tempered. Every word a struggle to hold on and not spray the contents of my stomach across their boots.

Dragon lay me down on a black marble slab. A shiver ran through me, making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. As I struggled to sit up both lay a hand on my shoulders.

"Not yet, rest!" Jackal lowered his voice.

There was a flicker of hum as bioluminescent gel glowed pink, green and blue. As it seeped out of the veins in the stone, surrounding me where it touched. Like memory foam on steroids. It stayed liquid as it travelled down to the floor lighting up the tiles with writing. Winding it's way up the walls. Every panel and hieroglyphic carving coming to life in golden light.

It was as if the light lit me up from within. The room itself was alive. It pulsed with life like a living computer but so much more complex. As the gel cradled me it sent pulses of light around the room to light up the walls in a technicolour sequence.

I watched Jackals face grow angrier by the minute. He heaved a deep sigh growling under his breath and strode across the room pacing.

Dragon stroked my brow before joining him. Their hushed conversation making it's way back to me in pieces.

" Hey, Alligator purse, flea bag! I'm over here, alive, speaking and capable of hearing you!"

Both heads whip around eye's narrowing. " We are trying to figure out how to heal you!" Dragon slowly sarcastically explained.

" Wow, mansplaining 101! Thanks! How about you two continue your thing, absent of me. I go home to my kid's and my life in reality!"

Jackal grinned "I haven't had fleas in ages darling! But this is your new reality until we figure out what's going on. From the top of your queenly head to those cute little toes of yours! "

"What's with dog's and toes?" I spat back.

"Well this dog is top dog down here sweetheart! " he drawled as he strode over. " And you, are going no where!"

Unable to stop the angry compulsion, I reached out to scratch his ear. "Who's a good boy?"

Eye's sparkling emerald fire he grinned wider. "I'm reminded why you need a good spanking! "

As Jackal leaned in, I fumed. " I'm reminded why you belong on a leash psycho!"

Dragon having seen enough tried to push in, but Jackal hip checked him out of the way glaring. "Not now, my turf, my rules!"

Mere inches away his voice got deathly quiet. "You showed him, now show me where the blazes this anger of yours comes from? "

Anger was the only thing keeping me going. "I can't, don't ask it of me! It's not the same. Not with your face, not now, not ever!"

Jackals eye's turned to pure fire. Fists clenched at his sides tension running through his body. He took a step back. "Not good enough! " he bellowed losing patience.

He launched into a tirade. Each word like a whip. " Your back has taken massive force trauma. It shows your spinal cord compressed. Badly healed fractures in your vertebrae and new ones. How you are talking, breathing and walking is beyond belief. Even based on your time and healing arts, you should be dead!"

Stepping back to get in my face he continued. "Then there's the connections between brain and spinal cord. Your whole nervous system is a mess! Nothing is functioning like it should. Your brain alone must be taking consistent electrical storms."

"Then your heart isn't regulated properly. It's reacting to every pulse through you. Your vagus nerve is malfunctioning almost on time. Your brain lights up like a billion suns, but then fire's side to side. It makes no logical sense.!"

Shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair he continued. "The impact to create these old injuries were huge, now the new injuries are just adding to the problem. If you were normal you'd be dead ten times over!"

"Then the spirit damage and emotional impacts! It's like a puzzle missing half the pieces and scattered. We need to figure out which to heal first without tipping the balance. One wrong move and you stop breathing!"

Picking up speed his words hung heavy in the air. "I see evidence of the pregnancies but injuries during pregnancy! "

Jackal stopped his rant to glare at me gritting his teeth. "I need more information, I need to see your memories!"

Suddenly taking a deep breath he leaned in wiping the memories leaking from my eye's. And softened.

"As bad as it is in here." He tapped my head. "it's nothing compared to how I imagine it to be in here!" He placed his hand over mine on his heart.

"I can't watch this!" Dragon fumed as he stormed off. It seemed storming off was his bag of tricks in any time.

Jackal shook his head looking deeply into my eye's. "There's nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you Tee!"

"I've heard that lie before! " I said
"All it took was the truth for you to turn on me like a rabid dog!"

My eye's searched his eyes. Eye's I knew so well and yet something was different. "You have done plenty to kill even my belief in love, not just in my time but the echoes reach across time! "

He hopped up on the marble table sitting cross legged. Pulling me into his lap. It was like sitting in a pile of rattle snakes my skin crawled. Jackal terrified me even as Dragon calmed me.

As tears refused to stop flowing my head rested on his shoulder. Yet it was pure muscle different from my time. But the scent of him was the same. It made my mouth water and my body ache at the punch to the gut memory. One I would never acknowledge or forgive.

"I've had to lock it away to survive and I don't want to look back!" I pleaded

"Eventually to heal you will have to, better now when you are with me and I can help you heal! "

His lips brushed my hair in tiny kisses.

Actively trying not to scream I pulled away."Stop!" Deep inside I felt rage and hurt on a level I couldn't begin to explain. The horror and betrayal.

"I don't want your kisses, I don't want your touch, even the memory is an assault to relive the hell you've put us through! "

"Tee, show me so I can understand please?"

I closed my eye's gathering my energy and even though my eye lids the room lit up as I reached for the source of my strength and pulled it to me. Careful what you wish for asshole, I thought.

Opening my eye's, I saw Jackals jaw dropped at the blinding light within me and around us. Raw energy surged with each beat of my aching heart.

A starburst shockwave arched out of me fired by rage, betrayal and then I gathered it and sent it straight at his fool head. He yelled on impact, as the room went dark.

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