As You Wish-Robb Stark x Reader

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Myself and my younger siblings along with our parents, family, and others rode into Winterfell, the Starks there to welcome us along with the whole population to see the royal family. I rode in a carriage with my younger sister, younger brother, and mother. Behind us was my father riding his own black horse. In front of us was Joffrey and the Hound, my pain in the butt of a little brother and his bodyguard.

We stopped and I heard my father and, I presume, Lord Stark's voices. The carriage door opened and my mother was the first to get out then I gave my hand to the steward and hopped out, him then turning to help Myrcella. The three of us walked up to the side of the carriage as Father finished with the Starks.

Mother walked up to Lord Stark and held her hand out for him to kiss it, which he did right away followed by Lady Catelyn bending down to a curtsy.

Father was in front of the young boy at the end by the time he asked Ned to go to the crypts. Mother disagreed, but as always, Father didn't care and left with Ned.

A young man, a Stark, walked up to me with a smile. He had the dark auburn hair and bright blue eyes of a Tully. He bowed, "Princess, I have been instructed to show you around Winterfell. I am Robb Stark, eldest son of Eddard Stark and heir of Winterfell."

I smiled and nodded hinting for him to lead the way. Joffrey walked off to, I have no idea where with The Hound following behind. Tommen walked to the younger boys and Myrcella went to the red-haired girl. All the Stark children took us to separate parts of the capital of the North.

The castles seemed isolated and cold but in a beautiful way. Everything was grey. Buildings, the woods, the grass, the people; though everyone seemed lively.

"Princess, you're leading the way." A little chuckle broke me out of my thoughts. Robb jogged to be at my side to help guide me, "I wouldn't want you to get lost, Your Majesty."

"Where are we going to go first?" I looked at him, he was quite handsome!

"We are going to the godswood first. That's where the heart tree is." I nodded and looked back to focus on the destination.

"Watch out!" Someone shouted. I stopped in my tracks along with Robb as two children with small dogs ran in front of us, followed by Tommen. My eyes follow them as they run to the courtyard with wooden swords, I laughed. "Be careful boys!" I yelled after them.

"Sorry about that, the younger ones still don't know how to treat highborn ladies yet. They're learning though." Robb laughed. "The smallest one was Rickon with his black direwolf, Shaggydog and the other was Bran with his direwolf, who he hasn't decided a name for yet."

"Ahh, but I thought direwolves were extinct." I smiled as the boys were wrapped in soft things and they whacked at each other. Poor Tommen was loosing. Before he answered the statement I asked another question, "Who were the girls earlier?" We had a long way to go until we were close to any kind of woods so might as well learn.

"Oldest is Sansa and her wolf is Lady and the younger one is Arya with her wolf, Nymeria. We thought they were too until we found a litter of six out in the woods recently. Surprised us as well!" He smiled.

"And is there anyone else I should know?" I questioned. As he thought for a second, I could see the different people staring at us with looks of awe towards me and jealousy towards Robb.

"Jon Snow. And his wolf Ghost." He said.

"A bastard? Why would he be important for me to meet?" I was confused.

"He isn't necessary to meet but he is my father's bastard who lives at court with the rest of us Stark kids. He is like a full brother to all of us instead of a half one so it is likely that you might run into him."

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