Chapter 11 ― Zayn

I was going to take the first bite of my masterpiece, AKA the best sandwich ever, when a wild Harry appeared in the kitchen and ran towards me. First off, how the fuck did he enter my flat? Since when did he have a key? I didn’t remember me giving him one.

“Zayn, I have good news for you, lovely little boy!” He literally shouted that at my face and then he took my sandwich and bit it. The bastard bit it. My masterpiece, eaten by that curly little piece of shit!

“Harry! That’s my sandwich! Give it back,” I yelled taking the sandwich from his hands and the curly-haired boy pouted, but I wasn’t going to give in, it was my food and I felt worse than Niall that day: I didn’t share food. Not that day, at least. “And what are your good news?” I asked, finally, giving the first bite.

“Oh, right.” Silly boy, he had forgotten about his incredible news when he saw my masterpiece. I didn’t blame him, it was an incredible sandwich with almost everything I found in my fridge. And I just did the groceries the day before. “Guess who is going to say goodbye to us at the airport?” He asked and I cocked my head to my right, thinking for a moment. “No, I’ll tell you!” Harry cut off my train of thoughts. “Mila! You will see her again. You’re welcome.”

I just froze there, looking at him in disbelief. He didn’t miss the chance to steal my sandwich again, but this time I didn’t fight for it, I just could only think of what he said. I hadn’t seen Mila since that day in Alex’s house, though we all invited her to hang out with us many times, but she never could make it and I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. Plus, Harry didn’t stop talking to her, all the time. There wasn’t a day where he didn’t say something like ‘Oh, I have to send this to Mila’, or ‘Mila will love this!’. It was annoying and it always put me in a bad mood.

For some reason, knowing that she was going to be at the airport to say goodbye got me really excited. I felt like I was looking forward that moment now. I didn’t even care that she was going because Harry probably asked her to, I was just glad that I was going to see her. Why? I didn’t know.

Probably it was because when she was around or when someone mentioned her, I didn’t feel hurt for Alex and Niall. When she was around I didn’t care so much for Alex, and I liked that feeling. Her presence helped me to forget about how hard it was to see my best mate with the girl I wanted for me.

“Come again?” I asked whilst Harry was almost finishing with my sandwich.

“What I said. Are you deaf? When did this happen?” I just rolled my eyes at his silly comments and waited not so patiently. “Mila, well Mila and Moni to be precise, are coming to the airport with Alex, Phebs and Belle to say goodbye. I thought you might wanna see her before going to America. Now a thank you will be highly appreciated.” And the sandwich was totally gone. But again, I didn’t care about my masterpiece, I only cared about what Harry said.

“Why would you do that for me? I thought Mila was your friend, nor mine.”

“Pff, Zayn, please. You don’t fool me, mate. I see your face every time I tell all of you that she can’t make it and after that you’re all moody. More than usual. I just assumed that seeing her before leaving would put you in a better mood,” he explained and my mouth flew open. I didn’t think it was noticeable what I felt every time he told me Mila couldn’t make it, I thought that no one noticed it all, but I was wrong. Did the other lads know about this, too? “When are you going to admit that you fancy her? You practically jump every time you hear her name.”

“I don’t fancy her,” I replied for like the millionth time that week. Well, since we met her in fact. Harry was just obsessed with the idea that I fancied Mila when it wasn’t the case. It obviously was because I was still —even if this shouldn’t be like this— crazy about Alex. How could I fancy Mila when I couldn’t stop wishing to be Niall?

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