Chapter Five

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Wren Mathews^^^

The boys' next class was English. The class was on the third floor and for some reason BeechWood didn't believe in elevators. So Sammy and Duncan had to climb three flights of stairs just to get their next class. Sammy and Duncan found two desks to sit in. Wren Matthews sat behind Duncan and Sammy kept smirking at him. Duncan rolled his eyes just as a middle-aged man walked into the room, a hairy middle-aged man to be exact. He had long hair and an even longer beard. His arms were covered in hair as well.

"Alright class! We're going to begin a project today, so get a partner of the opposite gender." The man says with a British accent.

"Come on Mr. Ray! That's a load of rubbish! Can't we be partners with our friends?" Sammy yells

"Of course you can, as long as your friend is a female Mr. Frost." Mr. Ray says. Sammy groans and Duncan feels someone tap his shoulder. He turns around and sees Wren smiling at him.

"Wanna be partners?" She asks. Duncan smiles.

"Yeah, sure." Duncan says

"Alright, the assignment is that your group has to make a report about the novel, Beowulf." Mr. Ray says and writes the assignment on the board behind him.

Wren gasps. "I love that book!"

Duncan had never read the book, in fact he's never read a book other than his school books and he barely even read those. He just smiled at Wren in reply.

"You may begin the assignment, it's due in three days time!" Mr. Ray says and sits at his own desk to look over some papers. Duncan glanced at Sammy who had ended up being partners with a girl named Susie Fuego. Sammy looked at Duncan and mouthed the word "lucky" Duncan just shrugged and turned back to Wren. He saw that she had already began writing and almost a full paragraph was finished.

"Holy crap Wren! You're really good at writing reports." Duncan says

"Yeah, nobody really knows this but I'm a geek at heart." Wren laughs.

"Why were you sent to this school? You don't seem to he a troublemaker." Duncan asks curiously.

"Um, I actually don't know. My parents one day just came up to me and said they were sending me to London, they've never explained why." Wren says

"Oh, do you like it here, at this school?" Duncan asks while Wren continued writing the report.

"It's okay, I think something weird is going on around here though. Sometimes I hear Miss Drake walking around the halls after curfew. I'll hear her footsteps then they just stop completely usually at around three in the morning." Wren says

"That's weird. How do her footsteps just stop completely, she had to have walked back to wherever she came from don't you think?" Duncan asks

"That's exactly what I was thinking." Wren says and finally looks up from the paper she was writing on.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Duncan asks, Wren hesitates but nods.

"I'm in room thirty five, meet me there at midnight." Wren says, Duncan nods and looks over at Sammy. He looked like he was struggling with his partner.

"Is it okay if Sammy comes along?" Duncan asks

"As long as we figure out what's going on I don't care who comes along." Wren mumbles.


For the remainder of the day Duncan and Sammy went to their classes. Duncan's spanish teacher was a woman named Mrs. Kishi, she was not an attractive woman at all. She had big round glasses and her hair looked as if it were wet. She wore a jumpsuit with flowers all over it and a big floppy hat. Duncan's science teacher was a man name Mr. Porter, he had hair that had been dyed a dark green color, his eyes were a hazel color and he seemed to rarely blink. His math teacher was a woman named Mrs. Carter, she looked quite normal. She had long blonde hair and she wore a long black dress. His health teacher, Mrs. Kendall, was a beautiful woman with long black silky hair, and she wore a long green jumper. Their gym teacher was a big muscular man that always wore a whistle around his neck.

Duncan waited all day until it was finally after curfew and he could finally figure out what was off about this school.

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