XXXVI: Nova Luna

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--The night we met. -LORD.

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Cornelia clutched her chest in disbelief as the energy she felt from Hecate's touch faded into the recesses of her body. A warm tingling sensation that whispered its way across her body into her extremities. She was not sure if what she had done was real or if it was what Hekate spoke the truth. That it was science and illusion. "Do I have magic powers?" She mused aloud. The concept seemed so strange and childish, yet real.

Hades wrapped his arm around her and pulled Cornelia from the cavern without a sound.  Cornelia could not take her eyes away from his. His hands shook and his eyes stared off into a distant future no one else could not see. Cornelia felt she was staring at a reflection of her emotions. So much had happened in an instant. Their enemy was their friend, monsters were allies, and the world could end tomorrow or they could take a new role in protecting her people. One from the sea, one from the world of men, and one from the shadows.

Hades' silence killed her, but she could nothing to break it. How could I possibly put into words everything I am feeling?

The white light of the moon danced along the water and small bioluminescent life forms lit the way as they moved together in companionable silence. The weight of their world was on their shoulders, and they did not know when the smoke cleared what that world would look like, but we have tonight. Too many times she had let the chaos of the world interfere with what was happening between them. Whether it was ruled by emotions, distracted by monsters, or betrayed by her captain she never got to enjoy just existing within the magical world they had created together. A world she never would have thought possible when she ran away into the woods fleeing a monster in human form almost a year ago. 

For once I will make the most of this moment, Cornelia broke away from hades and moved toward the shore. She curled her toes in the warm volcanic sand, hidden underneath the sparkling black granules chilled by the ocean's tide. The water moved around her ankles in a gentle salty massage. She had spent so many years on family holidays staring at this beach, and as long as the Cyclopes brothers could keep the mountain together, she could continue to do so.

Hades left Cornelia there in her reverie and perched on a nearby rock outcropping. His helmet resting in his lap as his eyes followed the path of the moonlight on the water, " I am so sorry, Corny."

Cornelia turned to him, a witty retort froze on her lips. She caught sight of his morose expression and the purity of the apology. Yet, she could not understand what it was he was apologizing for. In the next moment, she lost herself in him. The solemn beauty of the responsibility on his shoulders, his chiseled features, and his glowing hair as danced carefree in the ocean breeze. Even his blue eyes popped against the world's darkness and pulled her to him, "For what?"

"For everything," He answered her as he slowly turned his head to face her. "I never should have kept you from your family."

"It was not your choice to keep me away," She took a step toward him, "it was mine to stay."

"You lost so much, and you may lose even more." His hands threaded their way through his hair in angst and his face fell to the sandy shore unable to meet her eyes.

She took another step forward, "but I gained everything."

She kneeled next to him and cupped his face in her hand. His hands fell to his sides, "If you had not 'kidnapped' me I would have been trapped in a relationship with a monster. You saved me."

"But you would be alive," He pressed, "and safe."

"Where is the fun in that?" She giggled and held his hand her head tilted to the side forcing him to meet her eyes. "Do you remember when we met?"

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