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"I'll do it , but only for him"

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"I'll do it , but only for him"


It's been a solid 10 minutes since we sat down for lunch and I could tell the awkwardness isn't letting up.

After separating ways for classes my mind has been working with thoughts of William, Is he okay? Is getting in trouble?

But most of all why do I give fuck?

Willa is the only one I feel this emotion for, so why is it that one day when this clumsy boy stumbles into my life not even a couple days ago I'm already attached.

Once get attached you're fucked

I look up from the grease stained, graffiti vandalized lunch table to see the said clumsy boy barely touching his home-made meal.

I furrow my eyebrows and look away hastily, I can't be wishing I have things something as simple as an home-made meal, the only thing is try to change that for Willa.

"Do you w-want some?"

I snap my head to see William fidgeting in his seat as he slowly pushes his freshly unwrapped ham and cheese sandwich towards me.

Something inside pinches my heart causing a whirlwind to happen in my stomach. I relax my features and a tiny smile makes it onto my face.

damn this stuttering boy

As I relax my features into a soft smile I hear quite gasps around me which instantly makes the smile disappear and my mask being put on.

Showing weaknesses like smiling makes you look weak

One of the few things she taught me

William pouts from the transitions between my facial expressions and looks down at the beige table hastily. I also look down and the awkwardness raises a notch or two.

I glance at the food placed in front of me and then at him, I roll my eyes and grab the sandwich and quickly yank them apart creating two mini subs and shove the one of them in his face. He glances at the food in his face then at me, something flashes in his incredibly rare green eyes for a quick millisecond but it quickly passed and never the less took it.

He smiles at me brightly and I quickly snatch my hand away and bury my face into the deliciously made sandwich.

When I finished I got up and quickly threw away the remainings of the sandwich which was mostly the bread, can't be gaining much weight since I got a match a few nights away.

After I threw it away in the trash which was conveniently placed right in the fucking middle of the whole damn cafeteria where you can feel everyone's judgement stares piercing your skin I walk out through the double doors.

When I walked out the doors almost instantly the doors once again are opened to see William.

"You didn't have to stop eating you know" I smirk at William and he quickly looks my way and instantly a cherry red tint started to paint his freckled face adorably. He scratched his neck awkwardly and cleared his through nervously.

"What do y-you mean, I was a-all ready done" Anyone could hear the obvious lie in his voice but just to humor him I said okay.

I started to walk to no where in particular, just roaming, what I do to pass the time during lunch when I have nothing to do.

I sneakily glance to my right to see William leisurely walking on my right and an almost peaceful air surrounds us naturally.

But from the beginning of the day something has bothered me and I tend to find out.

"What was in you bag earlier that made so much noise?"

I guess my voice shocked him through the peaceful hair and broke the tranquility that was now dissipating.

Like a light ball ringing above his head he jumps with a slight gasp and digs through his side bag. His jumble of brown-almost black unruly hair bounces eagerly, reminding me of a certain red head.

After a couple moments he finally emerges from the deep depth of what seems to be his backpack and emerges with a shiny object in his hand.

"Y-yesterday I remember your l-little sister really liked the j-jewels that where on display a-and I know it's not the same b-but I kinda made this for h-her to remind her of it" William suddenly held up a black can with a bunch of tiny holes in it, I looked at him and he saw my confused face and quickly flipped some kind of switch and all of a sudden a bright glow started to seep out of the holes, creating a starry night of some sorts.

My eyes widen in shock at the beautiful gift but it didn't end there.

"O-ohh and I was working on this and I was thinking that you would like i-it"

He dug into his breast pocket and held up a single ring band, a beautifully hand made copper ring, clearly been scratched on repeatedly to create a cool effect

I took it in a haze and looked at it, shocked but also admiring it, my heart soars at the thought behind both of them and I couldn't control myself then and practically jumped the boy in the moment but restrained myself a little bit but never the less wrapped my arms around his neck.

His body instantly stiffens as expected but I continue  with the skin on skin contact. Too damn happy at the moment to care, never in my life have I received a gift from anyone besides Willa but we're family so it doesn't technically count so this makes me extremely happy. 

"Thank you"



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