Crap baskets

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Can I have the chicken ramen?

???: Again? 

Shut up.

???: I can't do that.

Why not?

???: Because one of my specialties is talking.

And getting in trouble.

???: Yup!

??? #2: Can we hurry it up please? We're supposed to be in school.

???: You're such a buzzkill Sakura.

She's right, ya know.

???: What?! You're taking her side now?!


???: Then why did you agree with her?

Because one: Sensei will find out we're skipping classes if we don't hurry, two: we know how much you hate rereading the shinobi accords, and three: do you want to see my sister's pissed off Naruto?

Naruto: *gulps* N-Nope. 

Then shut up, grab your ramen, and let's go.

??? #3: Or you can stay here and explain what are you three up too.

Naruto: That's not who I think it is, right?

Sakura: It is.

Ah, crap baskets.

Naruto: Hi Kakashi, what a surprise.

Kakashi: You three are going to be the death of me.

You don't say?

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