Trust Fund Babies

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Rule Number Twenty-Nine: Don't pretend space between two people doesn't harm them.

It poured for most of the night, sheets of rain hit the large window causing me to wake up. Tom left early in the morning to head back into town and I was hurt that he didn't let me know that he would be gone today.

But I supposed I hadn't been the nicest person lately. And while I loathed in self-pity, he didn't owe it to me, to let me know today would be the first day he was gone.

I rose once the skies cleared, opening the heavy curtains I admired the vast courtyard behind the mansion. A maze of shrubbery decorated the large field and I made a note to take a look at it sometime today.

Grabbing my makeup bag off the countertop, I took my wedding rings out. Placing them back on my finger, I decided it was my peace offering.

I dressed as best as I could despite the impending weather, and after getting ready, made my way downstairs.

The housekeeper from yesterday met me in the hallway letting me know she would get me a cup of tea. And after not finding Tom's grandparents to be polite and say good morning, I decided that I would retire to the formal living room that I had seen yesterday.

Amusement filled my smile when I saw photos of Tom and Harry on the shelving around the grand fireplace. Photos of Tom growing up and a graduation photo of him in uni made my heart warm.

There were also pictures of him and Harry growing up. They started out cute and close until eventually, they separated. The only pictures of the two being with other family members.

I turned my sight to Harry's photos, the sight of seeing him as a toothless baby was adorable. A photo of Harry with curly short hair, the idea being he was no older than fifteen. It was cute and I remembered fondly of a Harry that was tattoo-less and innocent.

My finger ran on the edge of one more recent, from the past year or so. Harry sat on a stone wall, his hair longer, brushing his shoulders in looser curls, with aviator sunglasses perched on his nose.

A tight smile caressed his face and I knew it was most likely taken in another part of the world. The photo probably had been taken by a friend and stuffed in an envelope with a postcard. At that point, he hadn't seen them in so long that it was most likely a gesture to tie them over.

The housekeeper broke me out of my trance of the photos. She handed me a piping out peppermint tea with a smile before leaving the room once again. I debated whether or not I should go and have something to eat but eventually, I decided against it.

Once finished the tea that had gone down faster than intended. I remembered the pool from last night. Harry was most likely busy with numerous things and so I wouldn't have to worry about catching him in the act again.

The swimsuit that I had brought with me was a one piece that had more stings than I could deal with. But it covered my body the way I wanted and so I could deal with a few extra strings.

I pushed the doors open and was glad to be met with an empty room. With the light peering into this windowed room, it was even more beautiful than the night before.

My feet met the water as I crawled down the stone latter. Shock fluttered through my body at how cold the water was. But it was relaxing and made me forget about how fucked everything was.

Gliding through the water, I wondered if divorcing this early into the marriage would be a bad idea. People made mistakes all the time getting married to people they shouldn't have. And so maybe I should just cut my losses and call it quits. At this point, I had very little to lose.

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