063| A tribute to Poetry

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Princess Poetry

Five minutes and 2 seconds
Since her feet touched
The dust of Earth and
Skies, dark and rugged

Her tiny fingers form halos
That encircle the midnight sky
Nails shining like diamonds
Glow in the moonlight

The blush of her juvenile skin
Stolen from the moonflower
Never fades under the twilight
Of dimly lit star showers

Her eyes like golden beads
On an otherwise black silk
Is soft and wide
As the autumn slowly wilts

The spring of her heart
Blooms peace and love on land
The galaxies and comets
She counts on her hand

Her lips part as she speaks
Of the devil's and God's
Her voice is honey smooth
It's a medicine for the lords

The thoughts encircling her
Run wild in the woods of free
Freedom was defined in spaces
But she found it in seas

At every break of dawn
Her breath leaves the air
At every blink of dusk
Her heartbeat finds a dare

A step into the wells of light
And she looses an inch of herself
Turning into stardust and stones
Cursed with potions and spells

A tomb of locked memories
She escaped with the power of words
Every phrase sewn together
Like garlands of shrubs

Streets and alleys listened
To the tales she bred
Under the clocks of afternoons
She once again turned red

The sprinkle of pink on her cheeks
Her eyes glinting under smiles
The spell broke from the sun and
She found herself alive

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