Chapter 6: A friendly dinner

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Jace pov

Clary practically ran out once Izzy caught us on the floor making out. I don't understand why though. We weren't doing anything wrong?

I am packing up my stuff and I feel my phone buzz. I got a text from izzy.

Alec and I are bringing Takis home. Me, you, Clary, and Alec are all gonna eat together at the dorm so we can get to know Clary more. Be at home by 7. Don't screw it up. Love you! ~ Izzy

Uhg great. At least Izzy isn't cooking or it would be even more of a disaster then it probably already will be. I look at my watch and I still have an hour left to spare. I have enough time to shower and change.

When I get home I see Izzy and Alec putting the food in serving bowls to cover up the fact that neither of them know how to cook. Alec doesn't look happy. This was obviously Izzy's idea.

I take a shower and change into adidas sweatpants and a white shirt with some black socks. I brush my hair and teeth and walk into the living room.

I stop and look at Clary as she is also in adidas sweatpants, a racer back tank top, with some socks on. She is sitting on a bar stool and is eating out of a big container of yogurt. She looks over at me and licks the whole spoon.

"Copying me now, are you?" She says eyeing me. "I would rather die." I said jokingly back to her and she snorts.

Izzy sets the table and we all sit down and start digging in. "So... clary what are you majoring in?" Alec says trying to start up conversation. "Runes. My father thought it would be good for me since of my... capabilities." She says and gulps.

Alec looked over at her confused and was about to ask what she meant but there was a knock on the door. "I'll get that." Alec says getting up.

"Is clary Morganstern here? Oh- what am I saying. Of corse she is. Not that I tracked her or anything- I- um-" me Izzy and clary hear the boy stutter. We can't see who's there from the room we're in but from what I can't tell, it's some clary-nerd-obsessed wannabe.

Alec totally disregards everything the boy just said and says "Clary there's someone here for you." And he walks back into the room. We all get up and walk to the door behind clary.

It's some weird guy with glasses and a Star Wars T-shirt on. "Omg- hi Clary- I'm Simon- which you already know- I'm rambling again... that one of my habits. Do you have any weird habits?" He says talking at 100 miles per hour.

"Um...I'm very sorry but we are in the middle of something." She says and motioned to all of us standing behind her. "Oh yeah right. Of corse. My bad. I'll just...go." He says and hands her the bag of cookies he was holding in his hands.

"I'm sorry for bothering you." He says about to walk off but clary stops him. "No it's fine- do you want to join us? We have enough food for an army." She said laughing. His eyes light up "sure... yeah... I'd love to."

She opens the door and motions for him to come in. She looks at the rest of us and mouths "be nice".

We all sit down at the dining table and start making conversation. "So... how did yalls training go?" Alec says looking up from his plate and looking at me and Clary.

I act as if nothing happened and we totally didn't make out on the floor "nothing much. Clarys really good. And she does archery like you!" I say trying to change the subject.

"Is that so?" He says looking over at her. "Um yeah, my dad taught me to be skilled in everything. But archery is definitely my favorite besides my staff.

"Interesting. Maybe we could go shooting together some time." He says and I nod. "That would be great."

Alec looks back to me and says "so that's it? Y'all just trained?" Alec says and I hear Izzy make a noise from across the table. And clary slams her wine glass on the table and gives Izzy a look as if saying if you say Anything I'll rip off your head.

Alec looks at all of us confused as there is an awkward silence. "That not what I heard." Simon says breaking it laughing softly. "What did you here?" Alec says to Simon and clary raises her voice and says "you know what Simon? How about I walk you home? We wouldn't want you walking alone in the dark now would we?" She says getting up as Simon follows her.

"It's okay. I wouldn't want to take the time out of your day." Simon says as clary practically pushes him through the door. "Oh really? Great. See ya soon!" Clary says pushing Simon out of the door and slams it.

"What was that about?" Alec says looking at her. "Um nothing. Nothing at all." Clary says grabbing the wine bottle and filling her glass up a lot with a worried look.

"Umm okaaayyy." Alec says dragging the y out. "Well on a different note, our parents are throwing a party in their new house? People are supposed to show up dressed to impressed with house warming gifts. You should come with us. It's tomorrow night." Alec says switching the topic.

"Sure...I'd love to.Anyways I really should be going to bed I have a class early in the morning." She says downing the rest of her glass and walking to her room. I sure hope that girl can hold her liquor down or she's gonna have it rough tomorrow morning.

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