Chapter 5: The Joining Ceremony

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After receiving the scroll and the brush from Erisa, Tamie decided to walk down into the basement where casual members had bedrooms, and see her bedroom too. Erisa gave her the key for her new chamber - room Number 6. She descended the stairs and walked into her new room. It was bright and clear, with a tiny window at the top that showed the pavement outside in the street. The room had one bed, a writing-table with a chair, a bedside table, a wardrobe, and a little private bathroom behind the white door. It was perfect for casual living. 

Hmm, of course, it could've been more comfortable... But I guess, when I make more money by doing jobs, I'll afford that one too. She thought and lifted her spirits. As most of the Libra, she was keen on comfort and luxury, and being forced to live in such a little room was not really acceptable for her, but reassuring herself that it was only for a temporary time, she felt less uneasy.

She brought in her backpack and began unpacking things when suddenly she heard voices from the neighbouring room - Number 7:

"I hate it... I hate when such fools as him mock my spirit!" the familiar voice of that redhead girl from before, Tiger, sounded. 

"Relax, sis, he's just a fool, as you said, so why paying attention to the likes of him?" Riza's voice spoke up. 

"But for how long is he going to tease me like that? I've had enough of it! It is not funny anymore! It is insulting!" Tiger was angry. Her dog's barks and cats' meows accompanied her angry shouts as if the pets tried to comfort their owner. 

"Hey... He's not going to do it anymore, or he's going to get beat up hard... by all six of us, your sisters! You'll see!"

Tiger giggled, apparently calming down a bit.

"All nine of us... Don't forget Blizzard, Christo, and Astra..."

"Oh, of course, they will take part too, for sure!"

Tamie blinked - so Tiger was still grieved about that pinhead mocking her earlier? She fell into her thoughts, and then shrugged and walked out of her room, knocking on the door Number 7.

"Who's there?" Tiger called out.

"It's the newbie! I'm your new neighbour! Tamie Wingfield!"

No voice answered. Instead, the door opened, and Riza appeared before her.

"She's not in the mood of receiving guests," she announced somewhat strictly and then gave her a faint, courteous smile, apparently not wanting to sound too bad to the sister of the Elder of the Order.

"I'm not a guest. I'm a fellow member," Tamie smiled back, apparently still getting insulted by Riza's such hostility. 

"I don't want to sound rude, but you're yet not a member. You will be when the Joining Ceremony is held and you get a ring," Riza showed her own ring of a rose-and-cross emblem she wore on the middle finger of her right hand. 

Now Tamie got flared up - how she dared talk like that?! There was no doubt she would be accepted, so of course, she was a member!

"The Joining Ceremony is just for formality. I've already long been accepted when the invitation was sent to me".

"The Joining Ceremony is a ritual held since this order's foundation centuries ago. Don't get cocky only because your brother is a respective Lord in the Order," Riza shut the door before her nose.

Tamie blinked at first, and then sneered and yelled:

"Ugh, fine, then cry alone if you love that so much!" she banged on the door and then walked off. She entered her room and slammed the door behind. Then she fell unto her bed. I thought Rosenweld was different from the gloomy people of Mandragore... It seems I was mistaken. People are all the same in all countries...

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