Green Light (Chenle)

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Chenle raked his fingers through his hair, frustrated.  But he still wore a smile on his face to hide the jealousy bubbling under his skin.  Jeno pulled you into his side, and you giggled like crazy as he tickled you.  

"I thought you weren't ticklish," Jeno pouted.  "Did you lie to me?"

You smiled, biting your bottom lip, and Chenle's smile disappeared for a split second.  He waited to see how Jeno would react, but Jeno just grinned and kept tickling you.

Chenle quietly left the room, finding himself outside the front of the building.  He didn't have a right to be jealous.  You and Jeno were best friends, and Chenle had only met you a year ago when Jeno brought you to the studio, so you could watch a few dance practices.  He had tried to make conversation with you, but you always stared at the ground or indirectly avoided his questions.  But whenever Jeno appeared in the picture, your eyes lit up as if the whole universe was yours.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Chenle was startled by the voice and turned around to see Renjun holding out a jacket for Chenle to wear.

"It's cold.  Put this on," Renjun said, handing him the coat.  "What brings you out here?"

Chenle sighed, slipping into Chinese.  "Y/N is probably whipped for Jeno-hyung.  That's why I'm out here."

"Jeno and Y/N are really good friends.  They're the kind of friends that wouldn't fall for each other.  I can just sense it.  Come back inside.  They're going to notice you're missing," Renjun tried to convince him.

Chenle tried smiling.  "Does this look natural or forced to you?" he asked, trying to adjust his smile.

Renjun winced.  "I think it'd be better if you just didn't smile.  Let's go back inside."

Chenle followed the older boy back into the building.  His eyes drifted to you, surprised that you were sitting by yourself on the sofa, scrolling through your phone.  And Jeno was all the way on the other side of the room messing around with Jisung.

Jeno chased Jisung around the room and tripped over something, falling right next to Y/N on the sofa.  Jeno giggled sheepishly and held your hand, hiding behind you from the maknae of NCT.

"You'll protect me, right?" Jeno asked, his lips close to your ear.

Chenle's eyes stung like fire, and his ears turned bright red.  He couldn't stand the sight of Jeno next to you anymore.  He slammed the door after him as he took off in the winter night.  He wasn't sure where he was going, but he wanted to get as far away from what he just saw as possible.

The cold air burned his lungs, and he could barely feel his fingers or toes, but that felt better than the pain in his aching heart.

"Chenle!" he heard a feminine voice call out for him.  He turned and saw you running after him.  You held his jacket.  "Chenle, wait!"

"What?" he turned around, snapping.  "What could you possibly want?  If you need something, ask Jeno.  You like him more than me, anyways."

You grimaced, feeling his blunt statement bite harder than the cold.  Slowly, you draped his jacket over his shoulders, feeling warm just knowing that he was warm.

"Calm down.  I-"

"I like you, Y/N.  I like you so much that I can't even eat properly these days, and I love food," Chenle groaned.  He realized he had basically just confessed to you and he never wanted to disappear more.  "Scratch what I just said.  You didn't hear anything."

You smiled, reaching for his hand and holding it gently.  Slowly, you slipped your intertwined hands into the warm pocket of your coat.  "Why would I want to forget the thing I've been dreaming of hearing?"

"Wait, what?"

You smiled kindly at him.  "I like you too, Chenle."  

"You do?  What about Jeno?"

"He's my friend, Chenle.  I've actually liked you for a long time.  That's why I begged Jeno to bring me to one of your dance practices or something.  I've always wanted to meet you.  But every time you talked to me, I would get painfully shy and embarrassed.  Ugh, and it just so happens that Jeno is downright awful at being a wingman."

Chenle laughed at your last statement.  He pulled you closer to him, warming you up by pressing you into his side.  "I think we need to give Jeno some credit.  He made me a little jealous."

"So, is this a green light then?" you smiled, not able to believe that you were dating the guy next to you.

Chenle smiled before bursting into his dolphin-like laugh.  "WE BE SCREAMING GO!  GO GO!"


A/N: Geez, Chenle has so much personality, but I love him for it!  Thanks @Kay131313 for requesting this!  I realized that this is actually my first Chenle imagine lol!

Question of the imagine: Have any of you ever played wingman for your friends?  I feel like I'm so good at giving advice and helping people with relationships, but I can't even help myself!  IS THIS JUST MEEEE???

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