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It was noon now and I had just come out of giving that terrible history test.

Yesterday had been a pain in the ass. After we had 'safely' reached Kyle's house, and let me tell you we barely made it due to James's driving skills. We spent the whole night researching and studying the history exam.

Luckily, we all managed it and I'm pretty sure that all of us at least passed the test.

I think back to my life before college.

When I was a child, my parents were pretty good to each other and to me as well. They used to take me to these parks and these different restaurants. We were like a little happy family.

It all changed when my father started becoming greedy. Greedy for money and for other women. I saw him change in front of my eyes. He used to come home late. And when he came home, he was always irritated to see me and my mom.

I didn't know what was happening.

I wish I did. I wish I knew.

One time I remember when I came home, happy that the school was over. My mom was sitting on a chair in our dinning room with my dad's mobile phone in her hands. She told me that she discovered my father was cheating on her with another woman.

That was the day it started.

I remember the fights like it happened yesterday. I remember my mom starting to go crazy. The whole dad's infidelity thing took a toll on her mental health.

There was a time in which she didn't even remember who I was. Her own child. She started hating me when I came near her. Maybe it was because I reminded her of my father.

The fights got a lot worse. I remember the time when I came in between them to stop a fight and my mom smashed a keyboard on my head.

Since then, I have hated, no loathed, the idea of marriage or commitment. No one in this whole world has ever loved anyone. You come alone and then you die alone.

Love is just a stupid thing humans say to make them feel better. You firstly just like a person and then you have the patience to deal with them. If you don't have the patience, then you just break up or get a divorce.

The only thing the divorce does is that it destroys the child. The child gets tossed like a pingpong ball between its parents and is scarred for life. So my theory leads up to my first point; don't ever get married or get committed in any relationship.

As I'm about to walking out of the college doors, I hear a man shouting.

"You idiots, Don't you believe me? A ghost lives here. This place is haunted." The man shouted which I'm guessing is the janitor from last night.

The janitor had a scared look on his face and was looking around and over his shoulders thinking that a ghost would jump out from anywhere.

I suddenly had the urge to laugh. I don't even know why.

Why do I always laugh in serious situations?

"Oh please! There's no ghost living on this campus. You must've been pranked by someone." Our coach said in a commanding voice.

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