chapter twenty-eight ; face off

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july. 2010

"C'mon Finn, we gotta follow them!" Millie exclaimed. Finn scoffed and rolled his eyes.

They were sitting at a traffic light and the others were nowhere in sight. Finn was purposely staying far behind the other two vehicles. There was no way he could let David and Robert see them, and he also didn't want Dom to see them.

All of a sudden an idea popped into the boy's head. He turned on his signal light and began to turn left. Millie thought he'd finally gone completely insane and she started to freak out.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked in a very surprised tone.

Finn sighed at her obliviousness. "Dom has to know that someone is right behind him and he's most likely aware that it's David. They are headed in the direction of the parking garage on Wheeler Avenue. It's a pretty secluded place that is never busy, it'd be the perfect spot to murder someone. I'm gonna bet that Dom is luring them in so he can dispose of them." He did his best to explain to her.

It made a lot of sense however Millie was still confused. They'd completely abandoned their plan and were taking a giant risk. If Finn was wrong, the consequences were awful.

"So... What are we doing?" She questioned further. Finn chuckled lightly.

"We're gonna take a shortcut and climb up the fire escape of the apartment building next door. Then we can watch them from the roof and detonate the bomb at the right time." Finn stated.

Millie took a deep breath and leaned back into her seat. Her heart was pounding out of her chest but she was trying to stay as calm as possible. No matter how many times they did something absolutely insane, her nerves always got the best of her.

It felt like the car was going very slow although in reality they were going about twenty over the speed limit. If they didn't get there before the others it would definitely end in a disaster.

As he recklessly swerved past other cars and did his best not to cause a crash, Finn was beginning to think that he should've simply got his family and left town. It would've been much easier than chasing some druglord and attempting to murder him. But quitting wasn't an option for Finn. He'd been through so much and he couldn't just give up.

"Quick question... What are you gonna do about selling the meth after we croak Dom? He's the guy that's made us a load of cash. After he's gone, all that goes away." Millie questioned. She obviously wasn't trying to stop Finn from killing Dom, she was simply curious about what his plan was afterwards.

"We'll have to go talk to Sean about it I guess. He can probably find us another distributor." The boy stated while trying to stay concentrated on the road.

Millie chuckled. "Nope, not me. This is my last straw. After Dom is dead, I'm done with all of this." She retorted in a very serious tone. Finn pursed his lips and nodded slightly. He couldn't really imagine doing any of it without Millie, but he respected her decision.

Finn slightly turned the steering wheel one last time and then hit the brake. He pulled the key out of the ignition, quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, and signalled for Millie to do the same. They both hopped out of the car at almost exactly the same time.

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