Night To Remember

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   Catherine's P.O.V

I hope Darren won't tell my secret.

“Did you enjoyed your night?"Darren asked.“I super did," I replied.“Mark this night the night to remember," Chris said.“I will," I replied. “Do you want to do something else?" Darren asked.

“Being with you two is enough," I said.“You are so sweet,"Chris and Darren said.“Can you stop saying compliments? I am turning pink." I said.

“Are you in love?"Chris asked. What should I say? “Yes," I replied.“To who?"Chris asked.“Never mind," I replied.“Chris you're going through her secret,"Darren said.“Sorry,"Chris apologized.

“Don't apologize. I'm fine," I said.“Do you think this night was awesome?" Darren asked.“It was more than I expected," I replied. “I will always be beyond your expectations," Darren said.“What do you mean?" I asked.

“You will be surprised whenever you're with us,"Chris said.“Thank you guys," I said.“We are so lucky that we met you," Chris and Darren said. I just smiled.

“Darren and I are still available tomorrow," Chris said. “So....," I said.“We are planning to show you New York tomorrow,"Darren said.“A tour?" I asked.“Yes,"Chris replied.

I was crying again. Darren comforted me.“Why are you crying again?" Darren asked.“I can't believe that dreams do come true," I said.

“It does,"Chris said.“Invite your cousin. I haven't met her yet,"Darren said.“I will," I promised.“Did you ever liked a boy before him?"Darren asked.

“Yes but he's on the past. I will say he was really terrible," I replied.“Sorry,"Darren said sincerely.“Darren just change the topic again," Chris requested.

“Thanks Chris. By the way are we going around New York?" I said.“Yes and because it's your first time, we will make it special," Darren replied.

“I think one day wouldn't be enough," I said.“Who says one day wouldn't be enough?" Chris asked.“Me," I replied.“What he mean is there's nothing impossible when you're with us,"Darren explained.

“Really?" I asked.“You don't believe. Huh?"Chris said. Then they both tickled me. “Stop it! Fine. A whole day is enough," I laughed.“We got you,"Chris and Darren said.

“What if I didn't met you both today?" I asked.“I guess my day wouldn't be a wonderful day without you,"Chris replied.“What a beautiful answer," I said.“For me, I'll still be doubting you with Chris and I wouldn't realize that you're different from everybody," Darren replied.

“The realization answer," I said.“How about you? Answer your own question," Darren said.“I guess me and my cousin will make crazy stuff," I replied.

“What kind of crazy stuff?"Chris asked.“Like dancing and singing in a different way," I laughed.“I'm excited to see that side,"Darren said.

“You will think that I should be with the mentally challenged people," I said.“No it's not that,"Chris complained. “You're a beautiful girl with a beautiful dream," Darren complimented.

“Don't call me beautiful," I said.“Why?"Chris asked.“I am not beautiful," I replied. “We see it but you don't," Darren said.“It's because you haven't seen what your beautiful heart is,"Chris added.

“I just hate to compare myself to others," I said.“You should only compare yourself with the old you,"Chris explained.“You have a point," I said.

“You don't seem the positive girl,"Darren said.“It's because of my high school life. It was like a survival training," I said.“Sorry about that," Chris said.

“I miss my friends in elementary especially in 6th grade," I said.“That was a long time ago,"Darren said.“They are like my second family," I said.“You must have special memories in there," Chris said.

“Yes it is," I said.“How about your special someone a.k.a your crush?"Chris asked.“Can I just describe him?" I demanded.“Fine,"Chris said.“He's just like you period," I said confidently.

“Really?!"Chris said shockingly. Darren is looking weirdly at me right now.“Yes," I said.“I think we're almost close to the apartment," I said.“How sad,"Darren said.

“Don't worry we'll tomorrow," I said. Then we finally reached the apartment.“So I guess this is goodbye," Chris said.“For tonight," I added. Then Chris kissed me in the left cheek and Darren kissed me in the right cheek. Then I blushed.“Bye," I said. Then I entered the apartment.

“How's the date?"KC asked.“It was absolutely the night to remember," I replied. Then I went to my room and I jumped to my bed and sleep.

Part 4 over. I wish this prediction of mine will happen after six years. I hope you enjoyed it. Love, Catherine Napalan (Ms_Little_Hummel).

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