The Dinner

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Finally we had shopping. It's 6:30. I have to prepare. I wear the beautiful blue dress. I put lip gloss on my lip. I put foundation on my cheeks. I went out.

“Chris will like you."KC said. “I don't know." I said. Then the doorbell rang.“I think it's him. I will hide. Go out. Good luck with your first date,"KC said.“It's not a date." I said. I opened the door.

“Hi," I said nervously.“You look great,"Chris complimented.“Thanks," I said.“You should sit beside me,"Chris said. Chris opened the door of the taxi. I get in. Chris is sitting next to me.

“Are you okay?"Chris asked.“I'm nervous," I replied. Chris held my hand. Did I ever thought that after 6 years this will happen? It's my first day at New York. I will take my first dinner at New York with Chris Colfer and Darren Criss.

“Where do you want to eat?"Chris asked.“Spotlight diner." I replied. I haven't heard Darren's voice.“Okay,"Chris replied. We're still heading to Spotlight Diner.

“Darren is not speaking, Chris." I whispered.“Did someone called my name?"Darren asked.“No."Chris replied. He's still holding my hand.

I can't breathe.“Hey."Chris said.“Why?" I asked.“I'm worried about you. Are you thinking about something?"Chris said.“No." I lied.“I know you."Chris said.“I'm not trying to hide something. I'm just waiting for the perfect time to tell it." I said.

“Are referring to your secret?"Chris asked.“Yes I am," I replied.“I'm not forcing you to tell it now but you have to tell me. Promise?"Chris said.“Promise," I replied.

“Your cousin,"Chris said.“What about her?" I asked.“Does she hate me?"Chris asked.“She doesn't hate you." I replied.

“I think here we are."Darren said. Darren opened the door of the taxi. Then I went out.

“This is Spotlight Diner. Huh?" I said.“Come on."Chris said. So we went inside Spotlight Diner. We sat in the couch. Chris called a waiter. The waiter took the order. The waiter walked away.

I saw some girls giggling and they're looking at Chris. They asked if Chris could come with them and Chris agreed. Darren and I was left at couch.

“Do you like Chris?"Darren asked.“No." I lied.“I know you're lying."Darren said.“I'm not." I said.“If you don't want to tell the truth, I will tell them right now that you love Chris."Darren warned me.

“I like Chris. Happy?" I said.“I knew it. By the way I'm Darren Criss."Darren laughed.“I knew you. I'm a big fan of yours." I said.“So that's your secret?"Darren asked.“Yes but please don't tell him about it." I said.“I will,"Darren promised.

“Chris is correct. You're sweet and adorable."Darren said.“Thanks for the compliment." I said. I saw Chris walking.

“What did I missed?"Chris asked.“We're talking right now."Darren said.“Good."Chris said. Then Chris sat.

“Why did you picked Spotlight Diner for dinner?"Chris asked.“To be honest, it's the only restaurant that I know in New York," I replied.“What?!"Chris and Darren said shockingly.

“I don't live at New York. I just got here today." I said.“So you took your first dinner in New York with us?"Darren asked.“Yes and it's weird," I replied.

“Can I take your cousin's number?"Chris asked.“Yes you can." I replied. I gave KC's number.

“Where do you live before going to New York?"Darren asked.“Philippines," I replied.“So how's your first day in New York?"Chris asked.“Unbelievable," I replied.“Why?"Chris asked.“Because at my first day in here, I met my favorite couple on Glee," I replied.

“You still love Klaine?"Darren asked.“That is the reason why I went to New York," I replied.“I can't believe that they're still Klainers out there,"Chris said.

“I'm making a project which is named “The Klainers' Dream Project 2014-2020". This is a project for Klainers to meet Chris Colfer and Darren Criss personally." I introduced.

“A tour?"Darren replied.“Exactly. I have selected thousands of them," I replied.“Where's the first location?"Chris asked.“Vietnam," I replied.

“Who are we visiting there?"Darren asked.“My best friend, Kien but we call him Hund because that's what he want." I replied.“Is this person a boy or a girl?"Chris asked. “He is a bisexual." I replied.

“Where did you met him?"Darren asked. “I met him at Twitter. I DM him and we talk and talk all night. It was like I met him several years ago," I replied.“Interesting story,"Chris said.

“How's the career?" I asked. “It is great,"Darren replied.“Same here,"Chris said.“Here's the food," I said. Then the food was served.

“So this is what New York tastes like." I said.“You'll get used to it,"Chris said.“When will be the start of the tour?"Darren asked.“After getting the shake house done." I replied.

“You've got many dreams,girl,"Darren said.“My cousin and I planned that Glee stars will be there. It's time to relive the music. I miss Glee," I said.

“We will help you to make your dreams come true."Chris and Darren said.“I also want to make a book after the tour. It is all about our tour around the world," I said.“You're so awesome,"Chris said.“I just wanted to prove that dreams do come true," I said.

“Have you taken college?"Darren asked.“No, I've just finished high school," I replied.“When is your birthday?"Chris asked.“On May 8," I replied. “That's awesome,"Darren said.

“What do you want to do on your birthday?"Chris asked.“By the way I'm turning 18. When I was 12, I wanted Glee stars to be there. That's what I always wanted," I replied happily. “Why are you always including me on your plans?"Chris asked.

Darren and I was starring at each other.

“My plans won't work without you," I replied. “So sweet,"Chris said.“How about me?"Darren asked.“Don't be sad you're also involved," I replied.

Then Darren hugged me.

“So this is what it feels when you're hugged by a star?" I asked.“Don't call me a star. We are your friends now,"Darren said.“Really?!" I said shockingly. “You've almost told us everything,"Chris said. Then Darren gave his number and I also gave mine.

“Thanks for the number," I thanked.“My pleasure,"Darren said.“When is the making of the shake house?"Chris asked.“When I finally got a job," I replied. Chris and Darren are talking about something.

“You have a job now,"Chris and Darren said.“What job?" I asked.“You're now officially our assistant,"Chris and Darren replied. Then I hugged them both. Everybody in Spotlight Diner started clapping.“This is too much," I said.“You deserve it,"Darren said. Then I started crying.

“Why are you crying?"Chris asked. I didn't answer. I hugged him and he hugged me back.“Finally you've been hugged by your.."“Darren.." I interrupted.

“Darren are you hiding something?" Chris asked. “Yes,"Darren replied. “What is that?"Chris asked.“It's my secret, Chris," I interrupted.

“I think I should go. Bye," I said. Then I went out of Spotlight Diner. My hands were held by Darren and Chris.“We will walk with you," Chris and Darren said.

Part 3 over. Love is in the air, Catherine. I bet Darren will tell Chris tonight the secret. I hope you enjoyed it.

                         - Catherine Napalan

                          (Ms_Little_ Hummel)

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