Entering NY

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      Catherine's P.O.V.

Hello NY! While walking I was reading a book that Chris Colfer made. Then I bumped at someone.

“Sorry."the person said.“My fault." I said. Then I saw the face.“Chris Colfer," I said nervously.“Are you okay?"Chris asked.“I'm fine." I replied. He picked up the book.

“You're reading one of my books." Chris said happily.“I'm a big fan of yours." I said.“That's nice."Chris said.“I'm sorry." I said.“It's okay. What's your name?"Chris said.“I'm Catherine." I replied nervously.

“Your name is cute."Chris complimented.“Can we take a selfie?" I asked. “Sure. Why not?"Chris replied. Then we took our first selfie. He kissed my cheek in the selfie.

“Here's my number."Chris said.“Here's mine too." I said. Did Chris just gave his number?“Call or text me if you need me."Chris said.“I will." I said happily. I saw my cousin running.

“Who's that?"KC asked. KC is my closest cousin. Chris turned around.“I'm Chris Colfer."Chris said happily. “I know who you are. You're Catherine's.." “You don't need to hear that phrase again. We need to go. Bye." I said.“Bye."Chris said.

I know what my cousin will say. She will say that he is my crush. That will be a total mess.

          Chris' P.O.V

I saw Darren walking.“Who's that girl?"Darren asked.“She's Catherine and I just met her today. I gave her my number." I replied.“You gave your number to a stranger?!"Darren shouted.

“She's not a stranger. She is sweet and adorable." I said.“Fine."Darren said.

   Catherine's P.O.V.

“Why did you have to say that?" I asked.“He needs to know that you love him."KC said.“Never mind." I said.

I'm texting Chris.

Me: Chris.

Chris: I'm curious about what you're cousin was trying to say.

Me: I will tell you about it in the perfect time.

Chris: Why not now?

Me: Because you will stay away from me if I did. I'm sorry Chris.

Chris: I won't.

Me: You will.

Chris: When is the perfect time?

Me: When you finally realized that I lo

Chris: That you what?

Me: You'll know about it.

Chris: Darren called you a stranger.

Me: Why?!

Chris: Maybe he thought you're just like everyone.

Me: But you know...

Chris: You're not a stranger in my eyes.

Me: Thanks a lot.

Chris: Are you available tonight?

Me: Yes I am. Why?

Chris: I'm inviting you for a dinner tonight. You can bring your cousin tonight. I will bring Darren tonight.

Me: I'm scared.

Chris: Don't worry I'm here. See you tonight :)

“We're going out tonight." I said. “Why?"KC asked.“Because Chris invited us for a dinner." I replied.“I'm not going with you because it's a date."KC said in a annoying way.“No it's not." I said. “Yes it is."KC said.

Chris calling.

Chris: By the way I'm picking you both.

“Tell him I'm not going."KC whispered.

Me: She's not going.

Chris: So it's just you. Is it okay if I still Darren tonight?

Me: Sure. Why not?

Chris: I'll be picking you up at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Me: Okay. Bye.

Chris: What's your address?

Me: I don't know the address but we are somewhere at Brooklyn.

Chris: Bye.

“Here we are."KC said.“This is the 2 year making." I said.“It was kinda hard but it was fun."KC said.“What should I wear tonight?" I asked.“We should go shopping. Change your clothes. We are going out."KC said.

I'm so excited tonight. I will finally meet Darren. Yes!

2nd part over. KC you should tell Chris about Catherine's feeling about him. I hope you enjoyed it.

                        - Catherine Napalan


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