My Dream

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Hello! My name is Catherine. This is a non fiction story. This is the dream that I hope that it will happen in the next six years. I hope you enjoy it.

      Catherine's P.O.V.

I'm leaving Philippines by now. I will be back here after five years maybe. I'm excited for this day coz I'm going to New York. I'm talking about New York, USA not New York, Cubao in the Philippines. I hope that when I finally reached America I will finally see international stars like Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. Now I'm tweeting.

Catherine Napalan @CathNapalan27

After 6 years...... FINALLY.... HERE I GO..... NEW YORK ...... Be prepared.

While I'm traveling, I was dreaming.

OMG! I'm in New York. I saw my cousin waving her hand. Then I ran but I bumped to someone. My head hit the floor. I heard someone.

“Are you okay?"the unknown person asked. I opened my eyes slowly. When I saw the person who I bumped on, my eyes are widely open.“Chris Colfer. I'm fine." I replied. I saw my cousin running.

“Hey!"KC shouted. KC is my cousin but her real name is Danika but I prefer KC. Chris turned around. I saw my cousin's face. It was like “OMG!". “Hi."KC said shyly.

“Do you know her?"Chris asked.“She is my cousin." I replied.“Sorry."Chris apologized.“I'm fine." I said.

“What's your name?"Chris asked.“I'm Catherine." I replied. I feel I was shaking.

“Wake up."the stewardess said.“Is this New York?" I asked.“Yes."the stewardess replied. It was like OMG.

Part 2 : Entering NY

I hope you enjoyed it.

                      - Catherine Napalan


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