062| A Poison

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A poison
Made of honey
And sugar
And millions of stars

It glows
Under the blinking
And in the roadside cars

A poison
Felt everywhere
On your skin
And hair

When the fingers
Dipped in it
Runs all over
Your bares

A poison
It injects
In your heart
And soul

Creeps up your skin
And mark it theirs
When it's supposed to be

A poison
In your brooks
Flows across
The barriers

Like open drains
Outside sesame Street
When it pours out of
Barrels in carriers

A poison
Spelled with curse
To lose
Your eyes

To the light
Inside a black hole
Swallowing you

It's a poison,
That love you see
In the streets
Under lampposts

It's a poison
When he rules you
Like a parasite rules
A host

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