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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 02

I seriously wanted to bury myself up in the deepst pit of the damned hell. I mean here I was trying to just start over again and hoping that my best freind Michelle who I call Elle would be there to welcome me but here I was being welcomed by her father Alexander who I had shared an almost fiery kiss three years ago.

"When will elle be back?" I asked him while the chaffeur was taking out my luggage and let me tell you Adam was the most nicest person I had met as he was the one who drove me and Adonis on our first date in Beverly Hills.

"Like I said," Alexander said in his seductive voice, wait Uncle Alexander. No? UGH!, "she'll be back in a couple of hours. Why don't you get settled?"

"After that incident," I walked towards him so that I could whisper in his ear closely, "I don't think it will be a great idea for me to be in the same vicinity as you." I was in no mood for screwing my already dented relationship with Adonis. I mean we hadn't fought and all before his going back to Greece but the fact that he was well aware of the fact that his father was interested in me. Collateral damage on my behalf. I went tossing my flaming red hair into the house or villa for that matter. It was just the same as I had left it. From the ouside it looked like a gothic strucutred castle with turrets and statues of sphinxes and angels outside, but when you come inside you will find it to be quite mordern. The walls were painted cream and white along with paintings of Michelengalos replica David and Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, with other paintings by well known painters. But the furniture was made of polished Brass and Oak wood, the rooms Persian carpeted and the bathrooms Chinese styled. I still remember that in the basement there was a private swimming pool with a spa that had three of the most amazing messagers in the world as they were Malaysian. As I looked up at the ceiling I found the mid-eighteenth century styled chandeliars still hanging and the crystals emanating a glow in the house. I was too tired to look around so I decided to go to my allocated room, next to Adonis's ofcourse. The room was upgraded. The last time I had slept there was a single bed but this time there was a king-sized bed with small pieces of statues maily angels and Venus, the Greek Goddess of Sexuality. The room was painted with a shade of cream and green and the Persian carpet was already there. The room was big enough for a Sarah Jessica Parkers character on Sex and The City's and there were candles lined at the window sill. The book shelf was there with the desk as I write every chance that I get. This is gonna be alright I said to myself as I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up.

After I came out from the shower I saw that the Adam, the chauffeur had already brought my luggage. I opened it and took out a Valentino. The dress was yellow, low-necked with an umbrella cut near the end. It was strapless, I mean good enough to show the fine lines of my breasts. They were something to look at. I was also a little shaky because it will definitely be uncomfortable being alone in the same house as Elle's father. Not to mention that he almost kissed me. The electricity I felt at the time was undenaibily that of carnal sin. I mean I could have any guy out there but there I was feeling orgasmic. I mean what the hell in the world was I thinking? Making out with my best freinds father had a death penalty. And not to mention the fact that I was previously dating his son Adonis. But now I will turn over that leaf and make a new future for myself. As I was lost in my thoughts, a knock came at the door and I was pretty sure it was Alexander. My heart started poundinfg fast against my chest aa I went to open the door, but the person standing there made me breathe in releif.

"You are such a bitch." I hugged Elle thightly.

"Well, you do know that the socializing never comes without a price." Elle ruffled my already loosened hair and God has she camouflouged from that innocent angel to thid devilish demon of beauty. She was wearing an HSY bronze sari with the traditional Indian look making her look like Aphrodite. Her flaming red hair were in a bun and her blue eyes sparkled gems.

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