14.Fuck love

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(A bit late but oh well)

Weeks have gone by and it's been great me and Camila have lasted for nearly a year but she wants to do the date for our 1 year anniversary we've only got 2 months left till its our 1 year anniversary.Me and Lauren have grown much closer, we're like best friends and since we've been training together we spend a lot for time together. But one thing I've noticed is Camila had been acting quite distant with me and I don't know why but if we text it'll be like two word answers and if we talk in general she always has to be somewhere.I guess I don't think about it too much and everytime I see Shawn in the hallways we just give eachother glares, I haven't got time for fighting.

It was Monday afterschool and I had some extra PE coursework to do, me being me I would normally leave it till last minute but I just wanna get this done and over with so I can chill,it's our last year at this secondary school so we'll be taking our GCSE soon, I really wanna make it into college so I pretty much HAVE TO work my ass of.

A/N: So me being from the UK we have a different school program to the USA
-Primary school is year 1-6 ( Not ages)
( In America it would grades and seniors shit like dat)
-Secondary year 7-11 and we have a thing called GCSE where we take exams for each subject and the grades we get will determine if we get into college.
-And college is when we study what subject we want to.
Then university which I'm pretty sure you guys know what it is.
With the USA I have no fucking clue with seniors and shit like that so bear with me :)

I walked in the library with my earphones in, I signed in and sat at my computer, suddenly I heard laughing, it was laughing that sounded familiar, I looked behind one of the display boards that was standing up and saw Shawn sitting with...Camila? What the fuck! I can't belive she would lie to me, I knew something was off. "Camila, I just wanna say thanks for forgiving me, I guess things got out of hand the on prom, I'm truly sorry about that," I heard Shawn say my eyes were fighting so hard against the tears but terribly failing, I closed my eyes in hurt. " Also there's something else I didn't tell you that night", he said, my eyes shot open and I saw him lean in getting closer and closer to her, she didn't back away, wtf she didn't back away.

I saw his lips touch hers, they touched hers and she backed away, but said nothing. My eyes were flooding now like a rainfall I got all my stuff in a rush, a rush to get out of that hell hole and of course.....stumbling and falling in the process." Y/N?" I heard Camila question I quickly got up and my back was facing her, I turned around slowly, to let her take in the damage she's just done to me." Oh my god Y/N, you-," I cut her off " yes I heard and saw everything, I can't belive you, after everything we've been through...how could you?! Were over!" I shouted " no baby, don't say that! I know you don't mean that Y/N!" She exclaimed while tearing up,I ran out of the library in complete tears I didn't wanna hear any of Camila's excuses, there's only one person I want to see right now.

Camila's POV
" Shawn what the fuck!" I backed away slapping him in the process. "Oww what the fuck Camila, you can't be pissed at me if you didn't back away!" He got closer to me " you wanted this" he finished, while walking off.I broke down in tears, I've lost everything, my only happiness, why do I keep doing stupid things! I'm gonna get you back Y/N!

The whole bus ride to Lauren's house consisted of me listening to sad music trying to keep my tears inside but I knew they would come pouring out in Lauren's arms, I kept my head down and played with my fingers eager for this bus ride to be done and over with.

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