Chapter 10: The Revelations

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The room had become so tense, even the guards moved farther away from us in order to get away from the heated energy in the room. "You needed help, anyone would have stepped in." He responded to my question curtly. I shook my dead, not buying a single word. "The Joker is ruthless, he doesn't protect anyone but himself... You're lying through your teeth. Why am I so important?" I pressed again, setting my clipboard on the table roughly to show him that I was growing impatient with him dancing around my question. The Joker became silent, his jaw set in frustration as he burned a hole into my skull with his gaze. I could tell the guards were reaching their limits of witnessing our encounter and I looked at them. "You guys can go, I will be fine." I told them and they looked at me incredulously. I just gave a forced smile back at the Joker. "He wouldn't hurt me. That much is clear... Now go." I told them, my words degrading the criminal across from me and I could see the rage fire up in his eyes following my words. The guards muttered back and forth as they tried to decide if it was the right thing to do to leave us alone until they finally left. It felt good to be alone with my husband again, as I no longer had to be formal nor professional. No one was watching. "You were at my graduation too, I know you were there so don't even try to deny it... If I don't matter to you why did you attend? You can't tell me that you saving me after that is just a coincidence!" I raised my voice, my assertiveness turning into anger as I demanded to know why he had been subtly keeping tabs on me. His face was turning red, like a kettle getting ready to scream, and I knew he was reaching his breaking point. I just had to push a little bit harder. "Why did you leave me??!!" I yelled at him and the string between us was pulled so tight, it snapped. Suddenly he lunged out at me but he was stopped by his chains. "BECAUSE I FUCKING RUINED YOU!" He screamed back at me, and I was silenced. He did remember me... He tugged at his chains, frustratedly before he gave up. "Do you really want to know why I left? It's because I fucking destroyed you! I turned you into a criminal and murderer!" He snarled and I sat back in my chair, taking his harsh words because hell at least he was talking. "You were so pure... And you threw that all away for me!" He scolded and I scoffed, knowing perfectly well he didn't give me much of a choice in the matter. "So it's my fault that you kidnapped and manipulated me?!" I spat at him, standing up to be on even ground. He ignored my question and continued his rant. "Your life would have been perfect without me! So I gave you a second chance. Away from crime, and away from me..." He said, his volume starting to go down as he defeatedly sat back in his chair and stared at his hands. "The chemicals healed the bullet wounds and when I emerged I saw life completely differently. The darkness within me was completely released, and I no longer felt tied down to morality or the law. But my feelings for you have always remained. And I realized that I had wanted you with me for my own selfish reasons and I didn't care what you wanted. But after the chemicals, I remembered how you had told me when we first met that all you've ever wanted was to be free. Free from your past, free from Jerome, and eventually free from me...I couldn't force you to be with me anymore. And when I went back upstairs to find that you were gone, I saw what you did to Ecco and my decision was clear. I had to let you go..." He revealed and I was completely shocked at how everything had played out from his point of view. Tears filled my eyes and I shook my head. "That was not your decision to make! I went through hell! I lost everything when you died!" I said, refusing to let any tears fall on my cheeks as I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. "But look what you've done for yourself. You became a successful doctor and I can't say that you would have done the same with me by your side. You would never have been able to get a job in Gotham because of your association with me..." He said and while his logic made sense it didn't stop me from being so incredibly pissed that he had put me through it all. "I never stayed far... I had my people look into your new identity and I tracked you down. I've made sure that you were safe for years now. That's all I've every wanted to do, protect you." He uncovered and I didn't have words. How could I have not noticed his presence until recently? Perhaps I was too clouded with grief to notice anything. "I like the hair and glasses by the way..." He said, trying to lighten up the mood but I couldn't joke right now. I sat there, trying so hard to soak up all the information I had just been given. So many new revelations had just come into place and I was desperately trying to sort out how I felt about it all. On one hand, I was so incredibly thankful that Jeremiah remembered me and that he had been keeping an eye on me. But on the other hand, I was totally enraged and hurt that he had left me in the dust for "my own sake" while leaving me out of the decision of what I wanted in my life. My mind just kept returning to the countless nights that I cried myself to sleep and the pain in my lungs that would follow from screaming his name so loud. I remembered the night terrors that followed and the guilt and shame after his alleged death. I then looked at him, my face unreadable. "I will never forgive you." I told him, and I could see the hurt in his eyes as I called in the guards and they took him away.


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