AN - Please Read

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So, my exams are done, I think they went okay, unsure though. I'll find out on the 25th of August... Kinda  scary.

I'm actually in Marmaris in Turkey, so whilst relaxing I'm able to write a little more. However the WiFi here, is absolute shite, not even joking. Can't get it in our room. May I also add, this hotel is all inclusive...

I'll be flying back to England on the Monday, honestly can't wait, I'm quite homesick at the moment even when I'm sixteen aha, I miss a lot of my family and my cat so that's why aha.

Also my bed here, it's a couch. With a bedsheet on, it's not comfortable at all. But the entertainment is amazing and the staff are lovely, the food is gorgeous to so that kind of balances out.

But I'll hopefully be updating soon.

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