Training & Training Scores (Part 4)

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Im going to talk about training, sine yesterday was very uneventful. My and the other careers are very exited for this, since we can show off our skills and intimidate the other tributes, was if we haven't already. I bet the other kids don't want this day to come. Its also a great day to get sponsors too. Most of Panem will be rooting for us, since we are careers. Once we arrive, we grop together, and go to the fighting stations. Emily is very good at archery. I go to the sword fighting stations with Flint. We both do a greta job on the stations. 

I see Raina on the knife throwing stations, and what do you know? She's very talented at that skill. That'll help us survive. I think she scared a boy away when she hit the red dot about a couple of meters away. Victoria is on the sword fighting station now and she very good at it too. I don't know why her mom doubted her so much, since she's doing great.

I look around and see the other tributes, mostly on the survival stations since they don't wanna touch us. I see the tributes from 6 trying to make a fire, and they can't even do that. Its so pathetic its funny. 

I think Raina sees that too and she says, "District 6, such a useless one,".

"You got that right!", I say. I think the pair might've heard us, but its not like it matters, since they're probable gonna die on days 1 or 2. Hours go by and nothing really cool happens, just be throwing a knife at a dummy for like 4 minuets strait. I check the time and I see that we only have 10 mins left. Finally. I want my training score and I know it'll be very high. It has to be. I see that the Gamemakers up there love me. Theres Tecida Light, the head Gamemker, smiling down at me, with her long, pink curly hair. I smile back. Finally, they call us in a room to sit down and get called for our private sessions. I obviously sit with my career alliance. Everyone is just scattered elsewhere.

"You gonna use your spear throwing?" I say to Raina.

"Yes, and also my knife throwing skills.", she responds back. I somehow forgot about that. I think Victoria might be using her sword fighting skills. Flint might also do that. I know Emily would use her archery skills. And for me, well, I'll just use ever skill I have until my time is up. They have to give me a good score.

"Flint Davis", a woman in monotone calls out from the speaker. Flint leaves, and the speaker calls for Emily's name too, Finally, they call my name. Im ready to use my fighting. Once I'm there, I don't even have to say my name, since they love to pay attention to careers. I see the Head Gamemaker, Bern Halloway stare at me. So, first, I throw spears and knives, which are all perfect shots. Then, I use a member guide to sword fight with. I also do very nicely. The time is up, and its time for Victoria's. I hope she does well, it would maybe give some faith to her family. 

When she passes me, I whisper, "Good luck", in the hopes of her hearing me. I think she did since she responded with a slight smile. I then wait again in another room for her. When she arrives, we are sent back home to the apartment. We get settled with our mentors and stylists, and bring some food out in the front to hear about her scores. The TV finally comes on and there he is, Gaius Flickerman, the Master of Ceremonies. He's looking as good as ever, and Zenobia shushes us to hear our scores. Flint and Emily both get 9's. 

Gaius says, "Magnus Sterlingshre from District 2, receives a 10". I think after that it was the happiest day of my life, since I proved my worth spectacularly. Victoria gets a 9. Right after her score is said, my group celebrates so loudly I think we might get noise complaints. Theres people shooting compliments at us, and people patting us on the back. It feels s o good when everybody loves you. That'll definitely get us sponsors when we need it. I don't know what Raina and Miles got since the TV shut off right after our scores were announced. Im sure they're great.

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