29. Rising Suspicions

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Dedicated to: lilstonnahgirlfriend
Thanks for your feedback on le action scene! Hehe, believe it or not the way you pictured it is exactly how I wanted the scene to be pictured. So yay for that! :3

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                September 14th
               Susan Mitchell suspects Agent R. Harris to be dangerous.

               29. Rising Suspicions
September 14th

I step into my dorm room and kick off my heels. The events of the day haven’t registered in my mind, not really, but still my mind is filled with different theories and possibilities of what is really going on. I am exhausted, and the lights are off, and all I want to do is fall onto my uncomfortable mattress and fall asleep.

       And I almost do. But then the lights come on, and I find myself being the center of attention in a room of five people.

       “Rachel,” says Susan. “I think it’s time we’ve had the chance to talk to you.”

       I lift my chin at the Cherubim. “About?”

       “About you,” answers Leah. She sits on my bed, her hands folded together and placed in her lap. Natalia mimics Leah’s position, except she sits on the other side of the room on Susan’s bed, next to Maria.

       “What about me?” I ask flatly.

        “We’re worried about you, Rachel.” Susan folds her hands together as well, standing in the center of the room and watching me closely. She looks like an alpha wolf standing in front of her pack; proud and strong and ruthless. “You haven’t been talking much lately.”

       A scowl forms on my face. “You mean you haven’t been letting me talk much lately,” I correct her. “Instead you’ve been giving me attitude and jumping to conclusions.”

       Natalia glances at Leah, then sets her gaze on me. “We just want the truth.”

       I roll my eyes, dropping my purse onto the desk on my left. “I already told her the truth,” I say, gesturing at Susan. “I didn’t kidnap Adrian, and I have no idea where he is. If I did, I would do everything I could to find him.”

       “Well, Rachel,” Susan snaps, “I don’t believe you. And a lot of the students here don’t believe you either. In fact, half the school was inclined to believe you would be returning from your little romantic getaway without Alex.”

       Natalia stands from her previous position. “Wait, Susan—”

       “Because it seems that every guy you come in contact with goes missing after a short period of time.” Susan takes a step closer to me, and all I can do is watch her. “So what do you do with them once you take them, huh? Have them tortured? Are they even still alive?”

       “Susan, calm down,” Leah cautions.

       Susan’s head whips around to face Leah, her dark wavy locks flying as she does. “And why should I? Are you actually believing anything she says? How do you know she won’t take you as her first female victim?” She turns to Natalia. “Or you?”

       They don’t respond. Natalia sits back down on the bed next to a silent Maria.

       “That’s what I thought.” Susan turns back in my direction, her glare burning through me. “I don’t know where you came from, Rachel, but you haven’t been at Smile for very long. And we think it’s best that you go back to where you came from. Because it’s clear to us that you don’t belong here.”

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