Corny or not?

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“What?” He said shocked, he was definitely not expecting that to be what she wanted to talk about, he didn’t even think she knew and she sighed. “Exactly what you heard, Wells. Come on, we are not kids anymore, we can’t keep pretending that you don’t have romantic feelings for me and that I know about them. It’s time we talk about it.” She said it softly and he lowered his head and she hated seeing him like that. Her friend was bright and optimistic, not dejected and sad and she hated she was the cause of it but it was better to rip the wound open to let it heal in a healthy way.

“Since when?” He asked in a small voice. “Since when I knew?” she asked softly and he nodded still without looking at her, without the confidence to do so. “I will tell you if you look me in the eye.” She said firmly and by her tone of voice he knew there was not the option of refusing so he did and looked up to her and she smiled at him in a gentle way. “I guess I started noticing after my 12th birthday. I thought you were going to confess to me and when you didn’t, I just pushed it away and pretended it wasn’t like that and I am sorry. It was a shitty thing to do.” She said and he shook his head.

“You have nothing to apologize for.” He said as he picked up one of the piece ad played with it and she smiled at him. “I was, you know? Going to confess to you that day but I noticed how you looked at Matt and I knew you didn’t feel the same way about me so I chickened out and never said anything about it.” He said as he gave her a sad smile. “You would have made a better boyfriend than Matt, that’s for sure.” She joked and he chuckled. “Anyone would have been better than him. He was the worst.” He said and she nodded.

Matt Anderson was her first boyfriend, he was one year older than her and he confessed to her a little after her birthday, that same one. Wells never liked him and not only because he liked her too but because he didn’t trust the boy. Turns out he was right, within 5 months of dating, Clarke found out Matt was cheating on her with a girl who was the daughter of one of the Council men. She broke up with him and was extremely sad, her first heartbreak. Wells was by her side and comforted her. Later, she found out he was cheated on by the same girl twice. Karma is a bitch.

“You did surprise me with Emily.” He said and she laughed. Last year in this timeline, she met a girl named Emily who was the first girl she was interested in and also when she figured out she liked girls as well as boys and she found out that the girl liked her back so they got together, her parents were supportive and all but it also didn’t last long. Emily was 3 years older and wanted for them to be intimate and Clarke didn’t want it. She didn’t feel comfortable yet with the idea of losing her virginity which led to fights and eventually they broke up. Clarke was heartbroken but not as much as she was angry.

“I surprised myself with that one too. No girl had ever peaked my interest before her but I was lucky that everyone was so accepting of it. Including you.” She said and he nodded. “All I want is for you to be happy, Clarke. Why wouldn’t I support you?” he said and she smiled and nodded before she took a deep breath. “Look Wells, I love you, I really do but not in that way and it will not change. And I know you will be hurt by this but it’s better if you hear it from me once and for all. I am so sorry, you know you’re the last person I wanted to hurt but we can’t change the way we feel. I understand if you need some time away from me, I completely get it. I will give you all the space you need.” She said and he shook his head.

“Do you know why I never said anything?” he asked and she shook her head. “Because I always knew how you felt, I always knew that you didn’t and wouldn’t feel that way about me and I made my peace with that, Clarke a long time ago, probably ever since I started having those feelings in the first place. More than anything else, you’re my best friend and if those relationships you had proved anything was that our friendship is stronger than anything. I am not angry with you and I am not that hurt because I know that I will always have you as my friend, won’t I?” he said and smiled and she held his hand.

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