One more friend to the mix

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The next day, when she wakes up, she is feeling really good. So far everything has been working out fine for her and she hoped it would continue going on that way. Her talk with Kane and the simple fact that she is not alone anymore is enough to brighten her mood. Now, she has finally someone she can talk to not only about the ground but also about Lexa and how she misses her and all of that. They still had to talk about a lot, Kane had said he had some idea of his own and she was hoping she could hear what they were soon enough so they could make an even better plan that the one she came up so far.

And also waking up and knowing that her father is safe and sound outside of her room that she can go out and know that he hasn’t gone anywhere, that he has not made the video, that he was not floated, well, that is just the best feeling in the world to her right now and she would make sure that he would stay that way, alive and well, especially when they come down to Earth. Somehow she had a feeling her Dad will take a while to adept to the ground and the cruelty down that could be found down there coming from their own people sometimes so she vowed to herself to ease him into it since she has more experience around the subject.

Today, she had two very important tasks to do given that she had talked to Kane and he would covering his part of the mission as well and he had said that he would be there to help her if she needed anything. The most important thing she had to do was that she needed to have the talk with Wells. She prolonged the moment it would happen only because she had her father to save and everything regarding to that specific subject but now that that mission is covered and a success, she finally had the time to do it and she owed it to him after everything he had always done for her and today was the day. They had agreed to play chess today and it was a good opportunity, one she wouldn’t miss.

And the second task of the day and the most difficult one in her mind was to find Charlotte and befriend her as well, the same way she did with Raven and Murphy. From the files provided by Becca to her, of the people she deemed important to meddle in their life, Clarke read on Charlotte’s that she was imprisoned 6 months after Clarke did and since Clarke was imprisoned the day before in the other timeline, it means that she has 6 months to make Charlotte so attached to Wells, that the thought of killing him wouldn’t pass her mind, that she would consider him a friend and wouldn’t hurt him.

It wouldn’t be a problem because unlike with Raven and Murphy who she didn’t know how would react to him and if they would give him a chance or if he would be comfortable with them, Wells was very good with kids much like Clarke herself so she knew that if she brought Charlotte in their little group, the two of them would grow close even without her interference. So that was her plan for the day. She woke up to find a note from both of her parents attached to her door. Apparently, her mother was called in very early for a surgery and her father had to go to work earlier too so she was alone for breakfast today.

She got ready, grabbed her stuff and went to the dining hall and just as she entered the line, she saw that, in a strike of sheer dumb luck, Charlotte was the one right in front of her and she knew this was her chance to start her mission with the girl so she started a conversation. “From what I’ve seen, it’s veggie soup today. I wouldn’t eat that if I were you. It’s disgusting.” She said to the little girl who looked back at her and smiled as she smiled back. “You think so too?” she said in a small voice and Clarke nodded as they stepped forward.
“Of course, I haven’t eaten that grease thing in years. I always leave it behind in the plate. Seriously, it tastes like it was brewed inside someone’s smelly boots.” Clarke said making a joke and the girl laughed quietly. “Hi, I’m Clarke.” She said smiling gently and warmly at the young girl and extended her hand and the little girl shook it. “I’m Charlotte.” She said as she got her food and Clarke got hers too. “Where are your parents?” Clarke asked wondering why they were not there. “They start working before I wake up so I always have breakfast by myself.” Charlotte said and Clarke shook her head.

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