Wake up sleepyhead

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The next day, she woke feeling more relieved and more determinate to fix everything that she could fix than when she started on this journey and of course, knowing she had already done something useful to accomplish that and deviated her father from his certain death, it could really boost the needed encouragement of a daughter on a mission such as herself. She had breakfast with her parents as she always does it and she talked to them about how she made new friends, who they were and everything, something they were really happy about it since she only ever had Wells. Her father even teased her about them again and her love life and they laughed at his jokes and it was very nice to have all of that again.

Then after breakfast was over and they went their separate ways, Clarke went to school and met with Wells and Murphy as the three of them walked to class together. It kind of became their thing to sit together during classes, with Clarke sitting in the middle of the two boys. She was really glad about the fact that Murphy and Wells became such good friends, that alone made her really, really, really happy. The best part of the morning was seeing Pike’s face when he realized what kind of friends his least favorite student had now. The son of the Chancellor and the daughter of the chief doctor and head engineer. Two of the top kids with the most important set of parents in the entire population of the Ark.

Clarke had a smirk on her face when she saw him look at them and realize they were Murphy’s friend now as if she was daring him to treat Murphy the same way he did before, like he was nothing, she wanted to see him try that in her face to see what was coming for him. It was a smirk that had so many things she wanted to say to him hidden behind it that sometimes during class, Clarke would think she was about to explode and say to his face everything she didn’t had the chance to say it before, like for instance, you are a crazy psychopath who is the reason the woman I love had to die once or I will not let you harm anyone again, you sick son of a bitch but she kept it in. Now was not the time for that, she needed to be cautious with her actions, everything needed to follow the plan.

But for now, she was content he got the message to leave her friend alone or else he will regret it. It would be so easy to frame him for something and get him killed, that way every harmful thing he did on the ground would not happen again but she knew she couldn’t. Farm Station would need him to help them survive so she kept her own vengeful desires to herself for the moment. And as for the other teachers, they were pretty much the same but he was the one she focused on. Murphy also had a smirk on his face while facing the Earth Skills’ teacher, so much that he couldn’t contain himself, he chuckled a bit and so did Clarke before the two stopped.

During lunch, they couldn’t hold their laughter in while retelling the story to Raven who also laughed as did Wells though much more contained than the other three. He didn’t like Pike but he was also not the type of person to laugh at others even when he disliked them and when questioned it about it by Raven, his answer was. “He is a jerk, even I think that.” After he said that, they laughed even harder and that is how they spent their lunch together, then Clarke said goodbye telling them she needed to visit her Aunt and the other two were confused but since Wells knew who she was talking about, she left him to explain it to them before she made her way through the halls until she came to stop in front of the quarters. She knocked three times and a woman opened the door.
“Clarke!” The woman said before hugging the blonde girl tightly, who smiled while hugging her back. “Aunt Callie.” She said happy to see the woman again. Callie was her mother’s best friend, her godmother and someone she considered family and she is also married to Kane, the ally she will help awake today. In the other timeline, she didn’t like him at all and with reason, pre-sector 17 Kane was a self-serving jackass but not anymore. Contributing to the death of so many of their people had stirred something deep within the man and he became the voice of reason between their people, the one person Clarke could trust to lead their people on the ground in a fair, just and trustable way without the idiotic motions that people like Jaha and Pike wanted to install on their mind about their people and how to deal with grounders.

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