One Day

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Victor: dear god....what the hell happend?

Victor looks and saw me on the floor

Y/n: head...what-

I look and saw Dan without hands or legs


Y/n: D-Dan!

I run to Dan as he was still screaming from the pain


Y/n: d-don't worry buddy...we will get you out of here....

I look behind and saw Victor watching

Y/n: V-Victor....why are you just standing there?!

Victor takes out his gun and points it at me

Y/n: w-woah! Victor, what are you doing?!

Victor was walking towards us with the gun

Victor: where the hell Katie

Y/n: Katie....Katie?!

I then notice Katie was still in the bathroom , so I quickly ran into the bathroom and look for her

Y/n: Kaite...Katie....KATIE!!!!

I then founded Katie in the left corner but her skin was nothing but flesh

Y/n: Katie!!!

I fall down not my knees and cry....I just lost my girlfriend...and the last thing I said to her was "she's was a real bitch".....why the hell does this shit have to happen?!

Then Victor walks into the bathroom and saw the dead Katie

Victor: no.....No....NOOOOO!

Victor runs towards Katie

Victor: NO! She can't be dead!

Y/n: Victor....I didn't need know you cared for Kat-

But then Victor points his gun back at me

Victor: I don't give a crap about this bitch....the only reason I was upset is because....I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE TO KILL HER!

Y/n: w-what?!

Victor: she's the reason this crap is happening....if we just listen to Molly...none of this would have happen!

Y/n: h-hold up! this isn't Katie fault!

Victor: then, who the hell is it?!

I then pointed at the dead Hannah...who was all missing parts

Victor: H-Hannah?!

Y/n: she's the one that bring us here....just so we can be torture and killed by Jackie!

Victor: but...she's dead....and I also killed Jackie.....

Y/n: killed Jackie...but she was already on the flo-

Victor: save it! Since all the people I wanted to kill are dead....the only person who I can revenge you!

Y/n: is this any of mine fault?!

Victor: you should have been the first one I should have started killing! If you haven't got yourself kidnapped.....Molly! Luke! Hannah! Katie!....and everybody else....they wouldn't have lost their lives you haven't left the window open in my room

Y/n: then why the hell is the glass broke?!

Victor doesn't respond

Victor: I don't even care about all of this shit the only thing to do is....kill you!

Victor was ready to pull the trigger

Y/n: w-wait....Molly wouldn't want you do this!

Victor: I'm not doing this for Molly.....I'm doing this for myself...goodbye Y/-

But axe was thrown straight at Victor's neck


Victor was struggling to breathe from all the blood........but just then...he falls on the floor and before he closes his eyes....he smile at me....and said this....

Victor: ....strong....

Y/n: holy shit!

I look at the hallway to see who threw the axe and it was.....Jackie Voorhees

Y/n: oh crap!

I quickly grab Victor's gun and I quickly defend Dan and points the gun it at Jackie

Y/n: s-stay back Jackie....I'm not afraid to use this gun!

Jackie smiles and walks towards me

Jackie: you won't shoot me Y/n....I know you won't

Y/n: you know nothing about me!

Jackie then stops walking and sits instead on the floor

Jackie: ....go ahead then....shoot me....

Y/n: I- I will!

I reload the gun and was ready to push the trigger....but something stop me...

Y/n: why...why can't I shoot you!

Jackie then had the cutest smile on her face

Jackie: you have a good heart Y/n....that's why your so different form anyone would not hurt your matter who they become...and that's why I fall in love with you

Y/n: w-what?

Jackie then crawls towards me

Jackie: a long time ago...I once had a dream that I wanted to have someone that will be there for me....whenever I'm alone...whenever I'm scared....whenever I'm getting hurt......

Y/n: and?

Jackie crawls and was very close to me

Jackie: I gave up on that that I seen you....that dream has now become my biggest propose in life

Jackie then kisses me on the first it felt strange that I'm kissing a woman older than feel I didn't do anything.....

But then, we heard Police sirens coming outside so Jackie stops the kissing

Jackie: looks like the cops have came....

I didn't respond or say anything....

Jackie then stands up and walk to the window but before she climb and she looks back at me

Jackie: Y/n....

I turn to her as she was ready to jump out of that window

Jackie: you better be prepared for next time....

Y/n: next time?

Jackie: ....once I come back....I will slaughter everybody you matter if it's your friends or your family.....I will make become mine....and only mine

I then smirk at her

Y/n: I will....

She smiles

Jackie: see ya later....Y/n...

She jumps out of the window and leave the house......then I heard some polices coming inside the house

Y/n: is it....over....for now?

Continues in Next Chapter......

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