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•||Ch7: His sister||•

•||Ch7: His sister||•

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||Sania POV||

I woke up and felt like I slept like this first time in my life. There was a knock on the door. I quickly got up and picked my dupatta. I opened the door and saw him standing there with a shopping bag in his hand.

He looked at me for a second then looked away. "I don't know whether you have clothes or not but I arrange it for you. You can change in it," He said giving me the shopping bag. It was like more a request for me to change in it.

I looked at the shopping bag then back at him. "I will be in dinning hall waiting for you for the breakfast," With this he went away. Wait did he say that he would wait for me?

I closed the door and looked down at the bag. I took clothes out of it and saw a beautiful dress. I placed them on bed and turned to look for the door of washroom. I heard the people who lived in cities had attached washroom.

I saw two doors in the room other than the door which led out of the room. I opened the first one and my eyes wide opened. It was an other big room which was a closet. I closed the door and opened the door.

I entered in the washroom with my mouth hanged open. It was also big washroom. There was a tub and a small glass box type room which had few taps inside it. I slowly walked towards that glass box.

I opened the glass door and went inside it. I turned the first tap but nothing happened then I turned the other tap and suddenly water fall on me from the roof and from side walls. I screamed in surprise and hugged myself tightly because the water was cold and I was drenching in water and shivering.

Zain entered in the washroom and looked at me with wide eyes. He came under this shower and hovered over me, trying to protect me from water but he was also getting wet. He closed the tap and looked down at me while I was busy staring at him.

It was like I couldn't breath properly and my lips were quivering and my hands were trembling. He looked down at me and was almost hovered over me. He looked down and saw my clothes were skinned with me. He cleared his throat and took few steps back. He told me how to use this shower but he didn't look at me.

When he went out of the washroom, I quickly locked it and took a warm shower. I had few of my own clothes and I was confused about which clothes should I were because he also gave me a dress. Wear what your husband give. My heart said.

I almost picked the dress but stopped when I realized I called him my husband. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I picked the dress again and wore it. It was so simple but so much beautiful.

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