Who Are You?

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Who are you? Who am I?
Someone who hides behind a mask as thin as glass, ready to break,
Wishing you could yell out to the world that you are not the same as them.
Like robot everyone follows in line.
Not daring to step away,
Bindly you follow the long line of people that are like you; striving to be the same
Be liked, be loved, be included.
Your life can shatter, into tiny fragments,
A scream A shout could make everything unraveled
In the end People will break away from the chain.
They want to be different, Be who they are.
Not someone who follows blindly down a dark path.
People think that I am the same as them,
They don't know me
At home, I am myself
My hair hanging lose, a smile and books piled up.
I wasn't brave enough to show people
My true self.
If only
I could break free from the chains...

You guys might notice... 

This is the poem from my Bio! When one of my teachers saw they thought I had copied it off the internet... Am I good or not?

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