Chapter 5

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Tara's POV

I really don't know what to say, yes I know I like him but who knows what if he starts ignoring me again? What would I do? Yes I really want to say yes but being honest we really hardly know each other like we just met a couple weeks ago but I can't help but like him.

I had a little think, I think I know my answer. I saw the sun sparkling his brown eyes it was just perfect I mean like his perfect every single bit of him.

"Yes," I smiled a big smile bigger than usual, for some reason I started getting butterflies I think I really like this boy!

He looked over at me and gave me the most cuddliest hug it was so indescribable.

I slightly saw Pariss whisper something in his ear, was she saying something embarrassing about me? I hope not! Or maybe she likes him? I doubt it she talks to me non stop about this guy named Ethan that she likes.

"Break her heart and ill break you! No but seriously don't hurt her feelings," Pariss whispered into Chris' ear.

"Okay got it," I slightly heard Chris say back.

Chris' POV

"Told ya she would say yes!" Dylan yelled.


For some reason every time I think about Tara I always smile she gives me this feeling no one has gave me before, I feel like this love is real.

"You seem happy?! Honestly how do you even like her she's so ugly," Dylan rudely said.

"Oi don't fricken say that she's my girlfriend so shut up she's bloody beautiful!" I yelled he is starting to piss me off.

"Whatever you think," Dylan ignored me.

"Just shut up your starting to piss me off," I yelled even louder.

"Oh really am I?! Do you think I care," Dylan started pushing me to the limit, aren't we friends?

I couldn't take it anymore, my hands begun to turn into a tight fist and all of a sudden I punched him straight in the face. I released my hand to see my knuckles full of blood. Then I felt a hard punch reach my face, we started punching full on.

"CHRIS STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DYLAN GET OFF HIM!!!" I heard Tara yelling in the distance.

She ran as fast as a bullet over to us tried getting Dylan off me he pushed her away causing her to fall on the floor. That got me mad so I pulled myself off the floor got on top of Dylan and just started punching.

I slightly saw the principle storming over. Oh no! I better not get expelled.

"You two! My OFFICE NOW!!" The principle yelled furiously.

"Never for quite a long time have we had this disgusting behaviour at our school! This is not acceptable coming from you two!"

"Please please don't expel us," I begged.

"He only wants to stay for that ugly girl," Dylan said again. Trying not to start on him again I ignored it.

"You two won't get expelled! But if this happens again your out!!" The principle said.

I was so thankful.

I left as fast as I could to where Tara was.

"I'm not leaving but if it happens again I'm out," I said as quick as I could.

"Omg are you okay he punched you so hard," Tara was concerned she hugged me tightly.

"Yeah I'm fine," I replied.

"Aw I love you," she smiled.

"I love you too," her still in my arms I replied oh I never want to let go.

She's so perfect.

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