Electric Shock (Jaemin)

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You heard it again.  That annoying clicking sound.  Narrowing your eyes, you turned around to face the boy who sat behind you.  Na Jaemin had always been a troublemaker in school.  And in class, he liked to click his pen.  It's not like it hurt anyone, but it was super annoying.  It was something he used to do back in middle school, and you were both in college now.  When you told him about it back then, he didn't even seem to notice.  But when he realized that his habit annoyed you... well let's just say he liked to make you mad.

"Jaemin, can you please stop?  I have a headache.  I took medicine, but it won't go away.  The less noise, the better."  You turned around, knowing he would ignore you and keep clicking.  But the sound you dreaded the most had stopped.  You whirled around in your seat again, staring at your enemy in surprise.

He looked up at you, meeting your eyes, and you quickly looked away feeling a weird tingly sensation.  The bell rang which meant the class was finished.  Instead of picking on you like he normally did, Jaemin got up and walked past you as if you were invisible.

Later at lunch, you saw the weirdest thing happen.  Around this time, Jaemin and his bad boy dream team would go around stealing food from people, basically bullying the innocent to get more dessert.  Jaemin, who usually lead the pack, stood quietly at the back.  He watched sadly as Jeno stole some kid's piece of chocolate cake.  Jaemin turned around, feeling eyes on him, and he saw you.  His expression changed, and he almost looked... angry.

You quickly grabbed some food and left, so you could eat outside and avoid the boy.  When you went to your next class, you expected him to disrupt the class and say something rude to someone like usual.  But just like earlier, his mouth stayed shut.  He didn't even touch his pen.  You weren't terribly close with Jaemin, but you weren't a stranger either.  After class, you walked up to him while he was putting his notes in his backpack.

"Hey, is something wrong?"  You studied his face carefully.  "Are you mad about something?"

Jaemin smirked.  "Move," he said, his voice three octaves lower than what it usually was.  You moved out of his way, watching as he stormed by.  You knew he was a troublemaker, but now he was just plain angry.

To be honest, you missed the way he picked on you and the way he annoyingly clicked his pen.  After school, you waited for him outside the class, hoping he would acknowledge you in some way.  He appeared, wearing his leather jacket.  His hair was slicked back, stiff with gel.  You tried to grab his wrist, but he moved away from you while walking out of the building.  You ran after him.

"You're going to follow me to my room?" Jaemin asked without looking at you.

"Our rooms are in the same building.  Who said I was following you?" you huffed, trying to keep up with his fast pace.

You both got in the elevator, and you tried to think of a way to get rid of the awkward silence.  The elevator stopped at the third floor, Jaemin's floor.  You waited for him to get off since you lived on the fourth floor, but he pulled you out of the elevator and into the hallway.  

"You think I'm annoying, don't you?  You basically hate my guts, right?" Jaemin asked.  His voice, once again, was low and deep.  "You're just waiting for me to leave and never show up again."

You didn't know how to respond.  As annoying as Jaemin was and as bad as he was, you had come to acknowledge his presence.  

"Actually," you started, "I don't think I do.  I miss you picking on me.  I miss that constant click of your pen.  I don't know when, but I came to sort of like it."

Jaemin nodded and began walking to his room down the long hallway, leaving you alone with your thoughts.

What the heck just happened you panicked.  Your heart was beating like crazy, and part of you was sad to just see him walk away like that, completely fine.

You went back up to your dorm room and noticed a box on your desk with a ribbon on top.  Your roommate must have left it for you.  There was a note inside: Click the pen for a little surprise.  And you did.  You clicked it, and a small smile crept on your face.  You placed the lime green pen back in the box, carefully re-tying the ribbon.  

The next day, you sat innocently at your desk, waiting for Jaemin to walk in and take a seat at his desk.  He arrived not too long after you, and he instantly noticed the box on his desk.

"What's this?" he asked you.

You looked up at him, smiling warmly.  "A present.  I felt bad for everything.  Open it."

Jaemin sat down next to you and slowly unboxed the pen.  He smiled like an idiot when he saw it.  "Really?  A pen?  It's you like you want me to annoy you," he smirked, that bad boy smile making your heart melt.

"Click it.  I won't get mad anymore," you urged him.

Jaemin raised an eyebrow before clicking the pen, and he threw it at the ground in surprise.  "IT SHOCKED ME!" he screeched, looking at his red finger.  "Y/N!"

You laughed so hard that you almost fell out of your seat, but Jaemin caught you.  His arms were wrapped around your waist, and your faces were just centimeters apart.  He shifted his eyes to look down at your lips.  Quickly, he pecked you before shoving you back in your seat.

You ran a finger over your lips, grinning like crazy.  You glanced over at the boy sitting next to you.  He, was the electric shock you never knew you needed.


A/N: Bad boy Jaemin is actually so fun to write about!  Thanks dongsyoki for requesting this!  Also shoutout to @leechihoonforever for suggesting the shocking pen idea!  

Question of the imagine:  Have any of your friends ever played a prank on you??  One time, my friend told me we had a test the next day, and I actually studied so hard for it!  

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