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I highly recommend you read Labyrinth before you read the sequel, everything will make much more sense... Here is the last chapter of the first novel that sets up the stage for this book. Thanks so much for reading!


Ivy took me back to her place, a small apartment in the ghetto of Gotham. She helped me pick up the pieces following Jeremiah's death. Losing someone you love was like entering a black hole, it sucked the very light from you. Ivy kept an eye on me to ensure I didn't harm myself but she allowed me to grieve alone. I spent most my days crying myself in and out of consciousness, and then waking from night terrors of my husband's death and Ecco's slaying. I was a complete wreck, I couldn't think about anything but what had happened that fateful night. I would think of everything I could have done differently to save my husband... I would wrack my brain until it hurt, searching for answers that weren't there. I shouldn't have let him go. I shouldn't have attacked Ecco and exposed her feelings. I shouldn't. I shouldn't. The only physical remembrance of my husband were his thick black glasses that he hadn't needed since his transformation. He always kept a spare pair of glasses in my purse in the event that his broke, but now they were memories of the past. His glasses reminded me of when we first met, how we fell in love and why I had stayed. Amongst my revelations, I decided that I didn't feel guilty about killing Ecco. I should have felt remorse, I should have been empathetic that I murdered another human being. Perhaps spending enough time with Jeremiah had changed my mind on the matter, but I was glad she was dead. She deserved to die for what she took from me. I kept hoping that this was all some cruel dream and that I would awake in the arms of my one love, alive and well. I had completely lost myself, as I had let Jeremiah define me. When I gave up my morals for love, I had become someone so far removed from myself. I couldn't even look in the mirror because I was afraid of whose eyes would be staring back at me. I was a widow now, a fragment of the person I was with him. Ivy gave me time to recover, understanding that my entire world was just ripped at the seams. However, after three months of my routine of sobbing all day, she grew weary of pitying me so she decided to intervene. She forced me up from my position curled up on the air mattress she had given me, while I was bawling my eyes out. "It's time that we get you cleaned up." She stated simply, despite my protesting. She dragged me to the shower, forcing me under the cold water. Showers were another thing that I had avoided, as they would wash off any evidence of Jeremiah that would have been left on my skin. I fought her, but she used vines to keep me still under the water. "It's time Lilly..." She said comfortingly. After I was clean, she gave me new clothes. I had worn the same pajamas for the last three months so the fresh fabric felt good on my newly washed skin. I put on the blue shirt and black pants she had given me, remembering the blood stained clothing I had come to her house in. Ivy proved to be a good friend, she was supportive and caring. Perhaps she thought that she owed it to Jeremiah to take care of me, but I didn't mind. I needed someone to look out for me as I had lost my sole protector. "Look at yourself, Lilly." Ivy suggested softly, and I shook my head. "I hate the woman I've become. She doesn't deserve to be looked at..." I told her and she sighed. "Wait here." Ivy said before she left the bathroom. I stared at my hands, smoothing my hands over the soft fabric of my jeans. She returned fifteen minutes later with another girl. She was much shorter and younger than us both. She had a cat-like completion and she looked me over. "This was the best you could do, Ivy?" She insulted me before she came into the bathroom, setting down a box of supplies on the sink. "Lilly, this is Selena. She's one of my friends." Ivy revealed and I nodded, not having much to say anymore. Selena stepped closer and picked up a strand of my dark wavy locks in her hand. "I suppose I can make this work..." she said with a scrunched up face. "What exactly are you making work?" I finally voiced. "Well, you said you hate who you are now... So I figured, why don't you reinvent yourself and start over?" Ivy offered but I wasn't on board. "Ivy, it's over for me. Everyone knows that I'm... I was Jeremiah's wife. They'll never let me return to Saint Ignatius, or even show my face again..." I said defeatedly. Ivy shook her head, grabbing me by the shoulders. "Not if they can't recognize you... I know a guy that can get you a new birth certificate and any other documentation you might need... Lilly, we can do this." Ivy assured me but I was still skeptical. "At least let us try?" Selena suggested and I took a deep breath. I suppose that I couldn't lay in bed in forever. Jeremiah would be ashamed to know that I dropped everything for so long because I was so consumed with missing him. He would have wanted me to get back on my feet and finish school. Jeremiah would have wanted me to make a life for myself, and that's what I would do. "Fine." I finally agreed. Selena smiled proudly before she took out a box of hair dye. She spent the next thirty minutes placing foils in my hair, and I had so much hair that Ivy had to step in to help. We let the color soak for an additional fifteen minutes before Selena took out the foils and washed my hair again. Her and Ivy then blow dried my hair and straightened it, all the while my back was faced to the mirror as I still didn't want to look at myself. When they had finished they both stepped back and admired their work. "It's a whole new you." Ivy commented and Selena nodded. "Are you ready to see yourself?" Selena asked and I inhaled deeply to prepare myself. "Yes." I finally responded and then I slowly turned around to look in the mirror. My hair was bright blonde and beautifully straightened. It made me look like an entirely different person, my only telling feature was my eyes that were still dark brown. The person looking back at me in the mirror was certainly not Lilith Valeska, and oddly I liked that. "You are a new woman now..." Ivy said. "What should we call you? You can be anyone you want." Selena prompted and I thought hard. I felt as if I had gone through a metamorphosis and I wanted a name to represent that. I had ridden a Harley-Davidson, that I stole from Ivy, to attempt to save my husband. While I was unsuccessful, I felt that the motorcycle was a symbol of the person that I was. A woman who was confident in what she wanted and was willing to chase after it, no matter the cost. I wanted nothing more than to be that woman again... I preferred her over the broken widow whose life lost meaning following her husband's death. Jeremiah would have wanted me to move forward in my life, he would have wanted me to become the best version of myself that I could be. I took out Jeremiah's glasses from a pocket in my pajama shirt and put them on. It was a physical reminder that he would always be with me... I stared back at the blonde, sophisticated looking woman before me. "Harleen." I decided, testing my new name on my lips. "Call me Harleen Quinzel..."

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