Chapter 20 - Believe me.

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"Thank you for everything you have done." I say quietly and he looks away.

"Thank you, sir."

The doors open and I sigh in relief as I pull out my hotel key. My hands shaking when I slide it into the slot, but when I open it, it's dark. Just the way I left it and I sigh in relief.

It was just a dream.

I flick the lights on and pull my blazer off as I walk into the bedroom and I freeze immediately when I see a familiar face.

"Victoria?" I breathe.

She stands up, off the bed and bites her lip nervously. "Hi."

My breathing hitches in my throat and almost immediately I saunter towards her and pull her into my arms.

"You're here." I say gratefully. Her scent over powers me and I close my eyes as I feel the comfort of her warm body melting in my arms.

She smiles as I pull away, my hands cupping her face. I lean down and kiss her. Her lips soft, and moist against my own.

"You're here." I whisper again as if I can't fucking believe it.

"I'm here." She reassures, closing her eyes as I kiss her again.

Victorias POV

I could tell there was something wrong with him.

The way his hair was a little more ruffled than usual, the dark circles under his eyes, the exhausted expression in his face. There was something bothering him and I hate to think that I was the reason for the damage.

His lips against mine are desperate, almost urgent as if he's looking for reassurance.

With intentions clearer than a see through window, he lays me down on the bed, his gestures stronger than usual and I'm momentarily thrown back with how rough he is.

The lost look in his gaze frightens me.

He trails kisses down my jawline and I close my eyes as I feel his cock hardening against my thigh.

I want to know what's bothering him. But he's so eager for one thing and one thing only, sex. He unbuttons my jeans with ease and slips them off.

Followed by my shirt and bra.

And then, he's sucking on my nipple, while pinching the neglected one

I groan at the onslaught but his gaze is not here. This isn't the Zayn I'm use to seeing. Neither is he the cold Zayn that I've come to know.

Lust springs into action as his needy hands grasp for the condom in the side draw after he's done ripping my underwear off.

His cock sprang up between us like a living thing. We reached for it at the same time, his hand over mine and guided it between my legs.

I was scared, but wet, and Zayn's cock slid into me with minimal effort.

My eyes widen, suddenly aware of how his encounter is going to be as I see the monstrous gaze in his eyes.

He gripped my hips, pushing himself forcefully in as he thrust.

"Oh, god," I cry out.

My fingernails dug into his chest, scoring his skin, but he only groaned and thrust into me again.

And again.

And again.

I was adrift in a sea of pleasure and all consuming lust that was more animalistic than I was use to from Zayn.

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