Your sick

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Niall- This morning you woke up feeling so bad, you ran to the bathroom and threw up. After Niall found you he called in sick at your job for your, put you back in bed, and is now making soup for you. "Babe sit up so you can eat." Niall said coming into your shared bedroom. You sat up and gave him a look meaning he didn't have to take care of you today. "Niall love, I could take care of myself y'know?" You coughed out grabbing the plate from him. "You could but then that would leave me worrying about you, I can't stay at the studio while your home sick plus the boys don't need me today." He said getting in bed next to you. "God I love you so much." You said taking a bite of the soup and looking up at his blue eyes. "And I love you." He said leaning in for a kiss. "Niall I'm sick!" You said turning your head so he kissed your cheek. "Does it look like I give a fuck?" He said grabbing your cheeks to turn your head and kissing you on the lips. "Now finish up and I'll give you some medicine and water." He said getting off the bed to let you eat.

Zayn- You quickly shot open your eyes and ran to the bathroom. "Babe you ok?" Zayn yelled running into the bathroom. "Yea, yea I'm fine." You said flushing the toilet and washed your hands then brushed your teeth. "Well you don't look to good." He said putting a hand to your forehead. "And you feel hot." He said walking out of the bathroom. You heard a door close then Zayn come back with a thermometer in his hand. "Open." He stated, you opened your mouth and he put the thermometer in your mouth, you stood like that until it beeped. "Y/n babe you have a fever and maybe a stomach bug, I told you not to eat that food last night and what did you say?" He said looking up at you. "I'll be fine, I never get sick." You whispered but he still heard. "And what happened now?" He said pulling your head up so you could meet his eyes. "I'm sick." You said looking into his eyes. "Ok then, go to bed and I'll bring up some medicine." He said as you started to walk away you felt him slap your ass. "Listen to me next time." He said as he smirked at you walking out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.

Liam- You woke up sneezing and coughing so you decided to finally get out of bed and get some medicine and start cleaning the house before Liam came home from the studio. "Fuck!" You yelled while looking into the fridge to see if you had any medicine and you didn't, so you just started cleaning. "Babe I'm home!" Liam yelled as he walked into the kitchen to see you still cleaning, it was 8:30pm you had started at 10:00am. "Babe your still cleaning?" Liam said walking over to you and taking the dishes for you. "Ha, yea I'm sorry." You said looking down and then started coughing and sneezing again. "Are you sick?" Liam said turning off the water and turning around to look at you. "Um yea." You whispered knowing what he'll say. "Babe really?" Liam said as he turned to dry his hands. "Yea I'm sorry." You said looking up at him, he put a hand to your forehead and you felt super cold. "Ok well did you atleast take some medicine?" He said looking into the fridge. "No there wasn't any." You said. "Y/f/n! Are you crazy go get comfy and let's go to the pharmacy." He said as he waited for you to come down. "Ok let's go." You said as you were already at the front door. "That's better." He said eyeing your clothing. "Now let's get my baby better." He said opening the door for you and then leaving.

Louis- When you were sick Louis babied you like no tomorrow, so in this case you happened to be sick. "Y/n come here babe." Louis said as you walked to the kitchen to be met with so much stuff. "Louis William Tomlinson!" You yelled going to him and hugging him. "I know your sick so I got you some medicine, new comfy pajamas, your favorite chocolate, your favorite soup, and movies, oh and some slippers." He said as he kissed you. "Louis I'm sick your gonna get sick now." You said wiping his lips. "That's ok love, I'll do anything for you." He said as picked you up to bring you to the living room to watch some movies and to stuff your face till you got better. "You know how much I love you?" You said to him and snuggling closer into his side. "No but I know how much I love you." He said pulling you closer to him. You eventually got better but ended up getting him sick.

Harry- You had been out with Harry at the studio with the boys and you felt incredibly sick, you excused yourself and went to the bathroom to splash some water on your face and then you went back to the lounge where you had been sitting at. "Hey love." Harry said while kissing your lips and sitting next to you. "Hey hazza." You said putting your head onto his lap. "You ok? You seem off." He said while running his fingers through your hair, you loved when he did that. "Yea just a bit cold and woozy." You said as you closed your eyes slowly falling asleep. "Babe you know it's super hot in here like 80 degrees, I think your getting sick." He said putting his hand to your forehead and seeing that you were super cold. "Hey why don't we go home and get you better?" He said picking you up. "Ok." You said while you wrapped your legs around his waist and put your head on his shoulder facing his neck. "Hey guys I'm gonna go home because y/n is sick so I'll see you guys when she gets better." He said walking out before hearing the boys say alright and hoping you got better, and then hearing Niall say you look like a koala on him. "Babe I'm gonna put you in the back seat ok?" He said as he let you lay down in the back. As you got home you already felt better with how much he took care of you and you quickly got better 3 days later thanks to him.

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