Shaving the non existent [Tom Holland]

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You slept peacefully in your and Tom's shared apartment. Suddenly, the rays of the sun illuminated your face and you opened your eyes. It was sunny Wednesday in London. You slowly rose up and lightly rubbed your eyes. Then you saw Tessa walking towards the bed and jumping into  it.

"Hey princess" you said in your raspy voice while stroking her neck. You grabbed your cellphone from the nightstand and checked time. It was 8 a.m. o'clock.  You decided to text your boyfriend Tom who was filming Spider-Man, not far away from you.

You: Hi baby, are u awake?

He instantly answered.

Tommy: Hey darling , yeah I am awake. How are u?

You:  I am great. I was wondering if you don't mind visiting you on set today?

Tommy:  it would be awesome. I know we saw each other yesterday but I miss you already sweetheart

You:  haha, I miss you too babe. So I will be on set  in an hour. I love you honey.

Tommy: perfect. Love you too babe

You got out of bed and went to the bathroom and Tessa with you. You washed your face, did your make up and put on  white dress. Then you headed downstairs and put your shoes on.

"Tess come here" you yelled and Tess appeared in front of you. You put the leash on Tess and went to the car with her.  You started the engine and drove away with the dog on passenger seat.

After some minutes you were at place where Tom was filming.  You got out of the car with Tessa. You went towards Tom's trailer.

Suddenly, the dog started barking.
" Stop barking Tess, Tom will hear you." you declared with a little bit  of anger. You slowly opened the door and walked in.

You pull Tessa off the leash. She started  walking aroud the room when you went to the bathroom where you heard Tom's singing coming from.

Delicately opening the door, you saw Tom shaving his no existed beard. He was singing while doing this. Chuckle got out from your mouth when unexpectedly Tom turned around. You smiled.  He went towards you and hugged you tightly.

"Hello love" he murmured into your ear and smiled.

"Hey Tom" you looked at his face  all with shaving cream.  You wanted to kiss him but after this you could have all your face covered with white substance.

" Wash you face, because I want to kiss you" you said with grin on your face. He laughed and declared:
" I want to kiss you too but now"
"Don't you dare, wash your face immediately" you said while holding your hands on Tom's shoulders.

He ended  shaving and washed off shaving cream from his face. Then he headed to the main room where you were sitting on the couch, Tessa on you lap.

"Oh my two princesses! You two look so cute" he said while going towards you. You put the dog off you and  stood up in front of your boyfriend. You put your arms around Tom's waist and he put his hands on your hips. You both were staring into each other eyes.

" You look beautiful" Tom admitted.  "Thank you baby" you smiled and kissed Tom passionately." I love you" you both said in the same time. Then you both started laughing while tessa was looking at you  and wiggling her tail.

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