You Have A Nightmare- Lloyd

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You and Lloyd were on a walk in the neighborhood when you heard a familiar sound. Barking.

"Lloyd we need to go back." You said panicked.

Lloyd heard the barking and understood. "Okay, let's go." He said and turned around heading back.

As you walked the noise echoed, making you relive that horrible nightmare.

"Come on Y/N! We'll be late for the party!" Lloyd called to you.

You rolled your eyes. "I'm coming!" You said running to the car and heading to the birthday party for a friend of yours.

After a while of hanging out at the party your friends, boyfriend walked in with his dog. (Now keep in mind your not afraid of dogs at this time.)

You smiled at the pitbull and bent down to pet him, that's when he snapped at you and ran at you.

You ran straight out of the house as the guy chased the dog trying to stop him.

By the time he had caught the dog you had been completely traumatized as Lloyd hugged you, trying to calm you down.

You hated dogs ever since.

"Y/N? You okay? You spaced out for a second there." Lloyd asked.

You nods. "Yeah, I'm okay."

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