You Have A Nightmare- Kai & Nya

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Today you and you brother and sister were heading to the doctors for a check up.

Now, you have an unexplainable fear of shots, but you knew you weren't going to have one today. But in the back of your mind that was all you could think about.

Kai was driving, while Nya was riding passenger and you were in the back. Since the ride was a somewhat long one and it was way to early, you had fallen asleep.

Kai glanced back and chuckled. "I swear, sometimes she's worse than me." He smiled.

Nya nods. "Maybe." She chuckled.

You walked into the doctors office, and was taken to one of the rooms.

"Miss Y/N, we just have a normal check up today, no booster shots are scheduled." The nurse smiled.

You nodded with a smile, not so bad as you thought it would be, but when the doctor walked in, all he had was an injection.

You gasped and jumped off the bed. " said there wouldn't be a shot!" You yelled as he came closer.

"There was no other way for you to get it." He smirked a bit and jabbed it into your arm.

You gasped as you started hyperventilating, you could feel it in your arm as your vision went blurry and your stomach turned as you passed out.

Nya noticed you mumbling in your sleep when they arrived at the doctors office. "Kai, somethings up with Y/N." She said getting out going to your door.

Kai got out and did the same opening the door. "Sis, what's wrong?" He asked shaking you slightly.

Nya watched as the color drained from your face and she immediately understood what was happening. "Quick get her out."

Kai carefully picked you up and sat you down in the ground as you turned slightly green.

You opened your eyes with a pain filled groan. "Ughhhh."

"Hey, look at me. Are you still dizzy?" Kai asked.

You nodded a bit. "I hate my life."

Nya chuckled. "You'll be fine."

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