You Have A Nightmare- Jay

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"Jay, it's not a good idea." You told your brother as he was getting ready to set up a test on one of his inventions.

"Relax Y/N, I've got it all under control." He chuckled and put on his 'jetpack'.

You watched as the test started successfully, lifting him off the ground.

Everything was going great until the jetpack suddenly exploded.

"Jay!!!" You screamed.

Jay heard you scream his name and ran to your room, seeing you toss and turn in your sleep.

"Y/N! Sis wake up!" Jay said shaking you awake.

You shot up with a cry and once you laid eyes on Jay, you immediately hugged him as you cried. "No more inventions!" You yelled.

Jay was a bit taken back by your words but none the less complied. "Okay, sis, okay." He said hugging you close.

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